Facebook & Qualcomm Team Up For Super-Fast WiFi; Alliance Broadband Offers 200 Mbps Plan At Rs 2600!

The Terragraph technology leverages high-frequency radio waves which help to speed up the networks where the population is very dense


Facebook & Qualcomm Come Together For Super-Fast WiFI

The social media giant Facebook has teamed up with multinational chipmaker Qualcomm to bring super-fast WiFi to cities and other urban areas. The American chipmaking company announced that it will collaborate with Facebook to work on its Terragraph project, which aims to transmit data through routers at efficient and increased internet speeds.

The Terragraph technology leverages high-frequency radio waves which help to speed up the networks where the population is very dense. Under the project, both the companies will bring in gigabit Wi-Fi operating at 60GHz wireless speeds.


High-Speed WiFi At Urban & Rural Locations

Terragraph has been described as an alternative for laying fibre, which makes it almost impossible to reach out to all the areas and is very expensive at the same time. Terragraph will improve the wireless connectivity by boosting up the internet speeds. It will be helpful for both rural areas and urban areas.

The project will place WiFi hotspots in certain regions will super-fast internet connectivity. As per the reports, the field tests will begin early or in the middle 2019, but it is still not confirmed when the Terragraph project will go live.

5G On The Way

Qualcomm has already started to manufacture 5G-supporting cell-phone chipsets for phone manufacturers and carriers. Multiple carriers around the world are working to bring in 5G connectivity and Qualcomm has signed pacts with carriers for early access.

With the roll-out of 5G networks, the small-cell technology will get a boost, which will standardise interface at sub-6GHz and above 6GHz bands.

The Future Of Wireless Technology

Qualcomm, with Facebook, will be bringing the modernised and advanced level 11ad and pre-11ay technologies to the global markets. The technology will help to increase broadband penetration by enabling the carriers and operators to reduce their capex for access.

The chipmaking company also will be optimising its solution for the outdoor. Qualcomm has already introduced a number of technologies like TDMA-based protocol, time synchronised nodes, channel bonding and a massive antenna array to overcome the obstacles of urban environments with dense networks.

The Terragraph project will help both Facebook and Qualcomm to deliver super-fast wireless internet, high-capacity coverage with a potential to reduce the costs and time to market.

Alliance Broadband Is Offering Unlimited 200 Mbps Internet For Rs 2600

The Indian broadband space is getting competitive day by day as JioFiber is all set for a pan-India release. Airtel has also recently announced a multi-million investment plan to expand in the broadband market. Among the others, State-run BSNL and ACT also enjoy a substantial broadband market share.

But with FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home), the broadband networks have seen a multifold jump in bandwidth speeds. Kolkata-based Alliance Broadband is now offering one of the cheapest broadband plans at one of the highest speeds across India.

Plans Offered By Alliance Broadband
Plans Offered By Alliance Broadband

Alliance Broadband is offering broadband plans offering with speeds ranging from 60 Mbps to up to 1 Gbps. All the plans come with unlimited data without any extra charges or any FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit per month.

The plans start as low as Rs 500 per month offering unlimited data at 60 Mbps, which goes up to Rs 13,500 per month offering unlimited data at 1 Gbps.

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