Facebook Will Hide ‘Likes’ On Your Posts; ‘Reactions’, ‘Video Views’ Will Be Banned (Find Out Why?)

Facebook Will Hide 'Likes' On Your Posts
Facebook Will Hide ‘Likes’ On Your Posts

Recently Facebook informed that they are going to hide the number of likes for posts in Australia. It’s going to be a trial to ease social pressure and soon will be rolled out around the world.

While some people measure their popularity on how many likes they got on a facebook post. This news will definitely shock them. 

From Friday, the account holders will not be able to see the number of reactions and the video views on other people’s accounts but only able to see people’s response to their posts only.

Why Would They Propose This?

The company said “We don’t want Facebook to feel like a competition. This is a test to see how people engage with this new format. We hope to learn from this over time in order to see if we will roll this out more broadly”.

Since this platform is used by more than a billion people, so Facebook has been under pressure for a long time as to some extent it affects the mental health of many users too.

According to the country’s eSafety commissioner in Australia, one in five children report experiencing cyberbullying these days.

This problem escalated last year and got national attention when a 14-year girl killed herself as she was bullied on the internet. The girl starred in a well known Australian hat brand. 

What Is The Plan Of Action?

Facebook reached this decision after its trial in July on its own other social media platforms, Instagram.

It began as a test in Canada will expand to Australia, Brazil and many other countries.

The described this trial as “a limited test in order for us to get some early learnings.” 

The company said, “While this has been testing on Instagram, Facebook and (Instagram) are different surfaces and we will likely see different data come from this test”.

The company did not inform about how long this trial will run.

Mia Garlick, of Facebook Australia said “We want to understand from people whether removing the total counts improves their experience, while also not limiting any positive interactions,”.

The social-networking giant Facebook has been working relentlessly in fields outside of social media, be it in cases of better privacy, or technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It seems like Facebook is reeling every inch of its expertise in widening its horizon from a social media platform to virtual realities. You can read more about Facebook’s VR Experience here.

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