Tejas Express, India’s 1st Non Indian Railways Train Flagged Off: Fares, Route, Timings, Menu Of This Private Train

Tejas Express, India's 1st Non Indian Railways Train Flagged Off
Tejas Express, India’s 1st Non Indian Railways Train Flagged Off

India’s first fully private semi-high speed train, Tejas Express was flagged off by UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday. The train will be running on Lucknow – New Delhi route.

Moreover, the commercial run for the train will commence from Saturday onwards.

Tejas Express is going to be the first train in Indian Railway history which will be fully handled by its subsidiary which is Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

Indian Railway Ministry has decided to hand over some chores to private operations as part of the Railway Mistry’s 100 days action plan which was approved in June.

The decision was taken as railway Ministry is seeking to increase its revenue over time.

What Is The Time Table For This Train?

The train no 82501, Tejas Express, will depart from Lucknow at 6:10 am and arrive at New Delhi Railway station at 12:25 pm.

While on returning, train no 82502 would depart Delhi railway station at 3:35 pm and arrive Lucknow at 10:05 pm.

The train would be running six days a week except for Tuesday.

It would be covering the total distance in six hours and 15 minutes which is lesser than Swarn Shatabdi which is currently the fastest train on this route.

Train No DepartureArrival
82501 – From Lucknow6:10 am12:25 pm
82502 – From Delhi3:35 pm10:05 pm

How Much The Fair Cost?

The fair for Tejas Express train from Lakhnow to Delhi will be Rs 1,125 for AC chair car and Rs 2,310 for executive chair car.

Also from  New Delhi to Lucknow, it will cost Rs 1,280 for chair car and Rs 2,450 for executive chair car.

For chair car tickets from Lucknow to Kanpur, the price will be Rs 320 and Rs 630 for executive chair car.

While from Lucknow to Ghaziabad, the chair car tickets will cost Rs 1,125  and Rs 2310 for executive chair car.

The passengers from Delhi and Kanpur will have to pay  Rs 1,155 for chair car while Rs 2,155 for the executive chair car.

Although the fair may vary for all the routes because they have planned to run this train on the Flexi-fare scheme.

What About The Menu?

The passengers can go for combo meals onboard since the catering charges are already included in their train tickets only for the full length of the journey from Lucknow to Delhi. 

They have considered Rs 185 for chair car and Rs 245 for executive chair car in already paid fairs only. As part of the Flexi-fare scheme, the maximum charges for meals from New Delhi to Lucknow would be Rs 340 and Rs 385 respectively.

As part of the plan, the passengers will be served refreshments just after boarding the train. They can either choose tea or coffee which will be served with cookies for chair car passengers.

While premium cookie will be served for executive car passengers. An option of pre-packaged nimbu pani with cookies is also given for chair car while flavored Lassi will be offered for executive class.

When it comes to breakfast, Passengers can go for a vegetarian combo of two pieces of vegetable cutlets with poha or two pieces of vegetable uttapam with vermicelli and coconut chutney or two pieces of medu vadas and suji upma with coconut chutney.

For non-vegetarian passengers, they will be offering masala omelette and sautéd vegetables onboard. Apart from these cornflakes, sugar sachet and milk will be provided to executive class passengers too.

Passengers can also go for different items like branded mishti or mango dahi, two pieces of brown bread, butter, tomato ketchup, branded fruit juice, tea or coffee kit, salt and pepper and mouth freshener.

And just before the end of the journey, passengers will be served light refreshments like small masala samosas or branded cookies with tea or coffee premix for chair car while executive will get more options like muffin or a slice of cake. 

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