India’s 1st Private Train: Tejas Express Gets 2000 Bookings; 150 Private Trains Will Be Launched!

India's 1st Private Train: Tejas Express Gets 2000 Bookings
India’s 1st Private Train: Tejas Express Gets 2000 Bookings

Privatisation of Indian Railways is now happening, and the first privately operated train is set to run on tracks as soon as in October. 

More than 2000 bookings have already been done in the Tejas Express which is India’s first-ever train run by private players. 

In addition to that, the railway ministry has also announced that there will be 150 more trains that will be run by private players. 

Find out more about India’s plans about private trains right here!

Over 2000 Bookings in the Tejas Express

India’s first-ever private train, Tejas Express, that will run between Lucknow and Delhi, is set to debut in the first week of October. And already, more than 2000 tickets have already been booked within only two days of making the tickets available to the public.

Most of the bookings are in the October 23 and October 26, a few days after marks the beginning of Diwali. 

This train is run privately by the IRCTC and is full of world-class amenities. Passengers will also be able to opt for combo meals on board, which is the first of its kind! 

5 Interesting Facts About Private Trains

  1. 150 more private trains will soon be introduced, that will run on Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah routes and other such viable routes as well. 
  2. An investment of Rs. 16000 crore is to be expected from private players for the privatisation of trains. 
  3. The trains are estimated to reach 160 kmph on some chosen routes. 
  4. The operators of the trains will be deciding the fares, employing drivers. There is a possibility that they will also provide passengers with facilities such as luggage pick-up and drops. 
  5. The electricity charges will be separately calculated, which will give incentives to the operators who will employ trains of advanced technology in order to reduce power usage. 

150 Private Trains To Be Launched: Here’s Why

Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav has announced that there will be 150 private trains to start off with. 

He said, “We will run those in Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah corridors and also in other viable stretches. There will be a regulator to decide on disputes on routes, fares et al.”

He revealed that by December 2021, dedicated freight corridors (DFCs) will be completed and they will connect Delhi and Mumbai, and Delhi and Howrah. 

The reason behind the national transporter opting for private trains is cutting-edge technology, amenities, and luggage handling solutions that the private players are expected to introduce for trains. 

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