Cognizant Now Has 100,000 Woman Employees From 100 Nations; 75,000 Women Workforce In India Alone!

Cognizant Now Has 100,000 Woman Employees From 100 Nations
Cognizant Now Has 100,000 Woman Employees From 100 Nations

One of the leading IT companies of the world, Cognizant has yet another record to its name. The number of women employees of the company has now breached the 100,000 mark, and that too, way before their targeted schedule!

It wasn’t long when Cognizant became the biggest MNC, with a 2 lakh employee count, following TCS, which still stands first with 4 lakh employees. 

This comes days after the IT employees filing complaints against the company for inhumane work hours and leave policy. 

How many of these 100,000 women employees are based out of India? Find out right here!

Cognizant Breaches 100,000 Women Employee Mark

Cognizant has recently declared that the company now has about 100,000 women employees of its total workforce of 2.88 lakh globally.   

An even better news is that the company aimed to reach this 100,000 mark by 2020, and is quite ahead of its schedule.

The company also revealed that there are two women who are on Cognizant’s board of directors. Also, half of the Cognizant US Foundation’s board of directors are women as well.

Brian Humphries, the CEO of Cognizant said, “When I look at the diversity and inclusion progress we’ve made as a company, I’m encouraged by how far we’ve come. As such, our leadership team is determined to drive even greater diversity and inclusion throughout the company and to heighten awareness of this need across every industry.”

However, we cannot forget that this was the same person who had fired about 300 employees from the company and has been accused of age discrimination. 

75,000 of 100000 Women Employees Are Indian!

Of the global headcount of 100,000 women employees, about 38% are from India, which makes up for as much as 75000 women employees, and here is where we hold our head high!

The company has said in a press release, that in the tier-two locations, such as Coimbatore, Kochi and Mangalore, the ratio of the women employees is almost 50 percent of the total workforce. Moreover, 40 per cent of the total hires so far this year are women. 

The  Chairman and Managing Director of Cognizant India, Ramkumar Ramamoorthy said that Cognizant will keep growing, and now that it has crossed 1 lakh employee count, the company will continue to invest in career development for the women associates.

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