Starting a Business? LLP or Company… [Infographic]


With Introduction of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) couple of years back, entrepreneurs in India have choice of whether to start their business as an LLP or a Private Limited Company.

But which one is better?

There is no absolute rule that makes one business entity better than the other. The selection of same should be purely case specific based on factors such as the objectivity of the founder, business rationale, funding requirement, ownership and management control and such other factors.

Deciding the right entity is very critical for the Startups and businesses because whether you choose a Company or a LLP will determine who can share ownership of the business, management of the business, how the business is taxed and who will be held liable for the business’s debts.

Folks over at have put together an infographic, that should enable the Entrepreneurs to decide the most appropriate legal form for their businesses.

[Click on Infographic to enlarge]


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