3G data plan rates slashed by Tata Docomo!


Tata Docomo has generally been in forefront when it comes to launching innovative pricing plans, however, in case of 3G pricing they are one of last major telecom providers to slash the rates. They have today announced about 60 percent cut in their 3G data plan pricing.

Interestingly, Tata Docomo has not come down on 3G pricing as much as other providers have, especially on volume based pricing. However, they have come up with ultra-low pricing packs for 3G data that start from as low as Rs. 5.

If you consider Tata Docomo 3G data packs, they are slightly expensive than other telecom providers.  Below Rs. 100, they have 4 packs ranging from 50 MB to 300 MB. Tata Docomo becomes quite expensive if you look at volume based pricing, where they charge 10p/10kb post the free usage validity. So it works out quite expensive if you go beyond your allocated data usage

Tata Docomo 3G Data plans

Tata Docomo 3G Data plans

Additionally, Tata Docomo has merged 2G and 3G pricing – so the price above is valid irrespective of whether 2G or 3G services are used.

Tata Docomo has also launched interesting 3G combo plans, where if Tata Docomo user buys a recharge worth Rs. 246 or more, he/she can avail 1GB of 3G data usage only for Rs. 4. Although, the plan is quite enticing, I am not sure why Tata Docomo has put a restriction that used can avail this facility only if it is done within 48 hrs of recharge… Quite odd if you ask me.

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[Disclaimer: Tata Docomo is an advertiser with Trak.in]

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