Weekly Wrapup: New TLDs, DND registry rules, Android 2.3 phones, cheaper iPhone, FB India stats & more…


Lets take a look at the buzzing posts of last week.

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If you are an android fan, you should look at this list – These are the mobile phones available on latest Android 2.3 (Gingerbread platform).

We have been running a series of posts every Monday on gaming – and the latest one – Advergaming, Hall of Fame – is a must read if you are into gaming, especially, advergaming!.

Results are out and students are now behind getting admissions into their favorite streams – One of the most popular courses is MBA (Masters in Business Administration). But, here are the 5 reasons why you should and you should not pursue an MBA.

One of the biggest news in online world last week was an announcement from ICANN – We will now have generic top level domain names which can end with anything – I mean like we have “.com”, we can have “.anything”. Its going to usher a new era, thats for sure !

So who do you think are the corporate thought leaders – Yeah they are the usual suspects..Infosys’s & Tata’s – Here are the Top 20 corporate thought leaders in India.

We may finally see demise of Pesky calls & SMS in India which has frustrated millions of Indian Mobile subscribers. According to new recommendations by TRAI, Telecom companies will not be responsible for curbing and if they default, they will have to pay some real heavy fines!

Nokia is on a downhill, there is no doubt about that – But is it dead? Far from it…

How do you stop attrition ? Link it to Senior Manager’s pay packages & bonuses.  Wipro becomes the first company to take this step!

Here is a surprise for you – even with slower mobile data speeds in India, Mobile Video viewing consumes nearly 60% of all data traffic!

Are you a Entrepreneur bootstrapping your startup ? Here are 11 Fundamental principles for successfully bootstrapping your startup!

Airline Industry was in doldrums during recession and have found going really tough in past couple of years. However, If airplane orders placed at Paris Air Show are anything to go with – Aviation sector is quite buoyant about it future!

Android popularity and growth seems to have shaken up Apple – They now seem to launch a cheaper iPhone, probably at half the cost, to counter Android popularity!

And with Smartphones / tablets increasing rapidly – Mobile Email is set to become the most widely used form of email communication!

Here is a surprise for you – Even with the telecom subscriber base growing fiercely in India, the telecom equipment manufacturing companies registered decline in revenues in 2010!

Check out these very interesting Facebook statistics for India.

Do you want to know which are great places to work in India? Here are the Top 25 !

And since last week we have started a new feature – Basically a round-up of all the funding & M&A deals that have taken place over the week.

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Celebrity Gadgets, £20 & $35 Tablet story, Smartphone Usage, Facebook Credits & more...

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