Top 10 mobile handset manufacturers in India [by revenues]


When it comes to revenues for the fiscal period 2010-11, Nokia still rules in India. For all the talk about Nokia’s share slipping away, it has held its own. There isn’t a drastic rise in Nokia’s revenues from the year before but there isn’t significant dip either. At best, Nokia’s India growth has hit a plateau.

India’s mobile handset as a whole has grown by 15% to Rs. 33171 crores.

Top 10 manufacturers have contributed Rs. 23603 crores or 70% of the total revenues. Nokia has contributed to 39% of the total pie. Other mobile handset makers who are not in the top 10 list have generated a combined revenue of Rs. 10108 crores.

Top 10 mobile handset manufacturers by revenues in 2010-11 :

Manufacturer Revenues in crores (INR)
Nokia 12,929
Samsung 5,720
Micromax 2,289
RIM 1,950
LG 1,210
G’Five 1,326
Karbonn 1,004
Spice 920
Maxx Mobiles 745
Sony Ericsson 690

Nokia made Rs. 12929 crores in the year 2010-11. It made Rs 12900 crores the year before registering a 0.2% growth. In the ever expanding market, Nokia has held its own. Samsung has occupied a prominent second position with Rs. 5720 crores. India’s homegrown mobile handset manufacturer Micromax generated revenues of Rs. 2289 crores and is placed below Samsung. Research in Motion, LG, G’Five, Karbonn, Spice, Maxx and Sony Ericsson are the other vendors in the top 10 list who have revenues more than 600 crores.

There was a talk of G’Five unseating Nokia from its top position. I fail to see how that is possible. G’Five has generated revenues of Rs. 1326 crores in 2010-11. Which means, Nokia is at least 10 times bigger than G’Five in terms of revenues. Of course, G’Five has its mega plan and it isn’t half bad.

G’Five has manufacturing capacity to produce 5 million handsets every month. It has a product portfolio of 300 models and it can launch 2 new models every week. G’Five can go from ideation to delivery in just 45 days. That gives a unique advantage for G’Five over many of its rivals. In 2011, G’Five is selling 2.3 million cell phones every month which translates to Rs. 6720 crores in sales.

By all means G’Five can be the number one manufacturer by 2014. But sales doesn’t mean revenues. As far as revenues go, G’Five is far behind Nokia. G’Five typically concentrates on the low-end of the spectrum and the profit margins are quite low at that price points. Nokia on the other hand is a trusted name from feature phones to smartphones. Nokia’s Achilles heel at the low-end of the market is the Dual SIM phones. A grave blunder by Nokia has fetched great returns for G’Five and Micromax.

Nokia is amending this by its recent launch of dual SIM phones for emerging markets. New dual SIM product portfolio should stem some of the bleeding. But that pain will not go away completely. But to say, Nokia is out of the loop and companies like G’Five will oust Nokia from its top seat is outlandish. Next time around we just shouldn’t count the number devices shipped.

If we leave Nokia and Samsung out, the other 8 manufacturers have a combined revenue of Rs. 10134 crores, much less than Nokia’s Rs. 12929 crores. Isn’t that something to ponder on?

Note : G’Five has a revenue of Rs. 1326 crores which puts it above LG at 5th position. ET has put G’Five at sixth position. Either G’Five has revenues less than Rs. 1210 crores, or it should have been in fifth place pushing LG down.

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  1. kdsingh says

    Blackberry curvr 9320 is agood phone i am using this for a month a great choice good picture quality a good choice from me and talking about nokia no it is taken by samsun because there are plenty of touch phones in sanmsun and nokia has very less models of touch phones

  2. Jagdeep Kumar says

    Micromax is an Indian product. be Indian, buy Indian.

    1. Rajendraprasad says

      Ya.. you are correct, i bought micromax hd – 2 phones… lets be proud to be indians

  3. Chaitanya says

    Nokia is the only cell phone company that gives good resale value. Nokia also makes phones that last much longer than others. Having used Micromax, Samsung, Nokia and Reliance I guess I can positively say that Nokia is the better company. It will lose it’s market share probably because it’s items LAST LONGER than fashion time. I have a 3310 that still works. Hope Nokia continues to stay on the top.

  4. Tushar Rastogi says

    Micromax cell phones are best n I hope it will be on top one day.

  5. Tushar Rastogi says

    Micromax cell phones are best n I hope it will be on top one day.

  6. Kundan Singh says

    wait for nokia microsoft tie up.

  7. Kundan Singh says

    wait for nokia microsoft tie up.


    i personally feel that nokia didn’t ask its customers what they need…. may be they had some ego problems that they did not bring out android phones! they were firm and confident about their SYMBIAN OS…. which obviously was beaten by the android…. now having understood this, it is now that they have tied up with microsoft to atleast bring out a windows phone! however, apple and google android OS have won the hearts and the trust of millions worldwide, thus over-powering the symbian… its tough for nokia….
    one more basic problem why nokia has lost its name is because, due to the increase in multitude of their products, there are many flaws in them… their aim has been to reach out to maximum number of customers whereas the aim should be to deliver quality products!
    thank you!!

  9. balaji yadhav says

    With the advent of 3G Phones the Nokia market share is bound to reduce. Mobile phones are almost a necessity now and with the smart phone market price reducing by the day their market share will decline further.I believe you can get a Micromax smart phone for around 6000Rs which means there is no point buying the 2000-3000Rs Nokia 2G phones anymore. We are finding a classic domestic – international competition in the mobile market where the Indian companies are much more attuned to the mood and the needs of the consumers where despite their lack of technological excellence they draw ahead of their international competitors.The Dual Sim technology you were talking about is a market breaker- there is no other country in this world (China,Kora,Japan etc) where the consumer is obsessed with the Dual Sim technology.This obsession is unique to India and the domestic companies have hung on to it.Classic Free Market competition is reducing the prices and giving us technology at a discount. We may start changing phones every year cause the price is simply JUST RIGHT.

  10. Kunal Nanda says

    So if you get Microsoft Phone 7 on every Nokia phone, MS are on a winner already with just one market. It would be interesting to see what goes on in China as well. Perhaps a follow up article on that would be another good read.

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