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We had an untoward incident on trak.in, which was actually quite dis-heartening – One of our very new authors wrote an article which was very similar to one published on Hindustan Times, and we were blamed from plagiarism. After I looked at both the articles, I could make out that although it was not an exact copy, the contents and presentation was quite similar and so I decided to take down the post and also tendered an apology to the original Author.

Although, there was no need for me to put it out here, I am doing so as I wanted to get a point very clear -  We take serious view of plagiarism and is not tolerated on trak.in. And yes, the new author is now not associated with trak.in.

With that out of the way, here are buzzing articles of last week.

Popular Posts of the week

The telecom subscriber base keeps bulging, India is now 723 million strong Telecom Market with additions of 17.11 Million new subscribers in month of September.

The Groupon deal [which eventually has not taken place] has created a lot of buzz over last couple of weeks. Here is how group buying can change the Indian Ecommerce Industry play.

The proliferation of smartphones has changed our lives – We are slowly getting [infact, very nearly there] to a point of all in one device and smartphone is the seed for that. Here is already long list of items which Smartphones have already replaced in our daily lives.

Here is an interesting case study, which shows how Business use negative publicity to trick Google search and get higher rankings. Does it mean that Negative publicity makes Google work positively for your business ?

After the Rs. 35000/- Mumbai-Delhi ticket fiasco, DGCA intervened and came up with certain guidelines to ensure consumer interests. The action was quick and now all the airlines have published their full Air-fares on their websites.

It is going to be interesting to watch the battle between Browser Vs Apps. I am betting on Apps to win…what about you?

Its December, and we will see lot of Zeitgeist’s unveil over next few days. We will try to feature them here on trak.in as well. Here is one of the first released by Ebay India – What Indians buy and sell on Ebay!

Here is one more from – The most popular search terms of 2010 [people, movies, search terms, how to’s and more..]

Finally, we have home grown tablet PC – Notion Ink Adam – available for pre-order! If you are looking to buy one, this one should be it!

Also, if you are a Nokia phones user and a trak.in reader here is something that will surely interest you. Trak.in now has a nokia app of its own…

Popular posts on The Gadget Fan

Last week has been great for our sister blog thegadgetfan.com as well. We are seeing great traction and new visitor feedback has been very encouraging. Here are some of the top posts published on TGF last week.

The Gadget Fan

There is lot more happening this week on TGF, so if you have not already subscribed to it, do it now !

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