4 Top Gadget Insurance & Extended Warranty Providers in India


Disclaimer: We are not associated with any of the below mentioned mobile insurance companies. Please conduct your due research before choosing any insurance provider for your gadget.

Typically when you buy a smartphone or a tablet, the manufacturer provides one year of warranty, beyond which you are left on your own. Some manufacturers do provide extended warranty plans, but theft and damage by liquids are generally not covered in such warranty plans.

As more and more Indians are purchasing gadgets, and mishandling them at the same time, a new insurance niche has come up which was unheard of in the last few years: Gadget Insurance.

There exists several startups which provides you extensive cover on your mobile phones / tablets and insure them against every imaginable type of damage and loss.

But how to select the best mobile insurance plan for your gadget? We will overview 4 such startups which are providing mobile insurance plans, and help you evaluate the best one based on your needs and predicted style of usage.




Syskagadgetsecure has recently started their niche mobile insurance services with a tag line: “Whenever life happens, you remain unaffected”.

As of now, their premier offering is: ‘Gadget Secure’ wherein you can get complete security and protection against accidental damages, water/fluid damage, theft, burglary and fire damage.

Additionally, they also provide anti-virus solution and free pick-up/drop of your gadget from your home in case any repairs are necessary.

Depending on the price of the mobile, they have introduced 5 different plans; one of which is exclusively dedicated for Samsung Mobiles. All other plans are dependent on the price of the mobile. For example, if the price is between Rs 4000 to Rs 10000, then you can choose Rs 599 / year plan and so on. The maximum plan is for Rs 1999 / year for mobile costing between Rs 25001 – Rs 60,000.

Syskagadgetsecure has created an exhaustive list of policies governing their mobile insurance plans. Included are the exclusions under which you are not eligible for any warranty. You can find the complete list of their policies here.



WarrantyAsia is a company based in New Delhi, which has tie-ups with several manufacturers of electronic gadgets, besides providing mobile insurance plans. Currently they are providing insurance for mobile phones and tablets from the following manufacturers: Apple; Samsung; Sony; LG; Karbonn; Micromax; HTC; Lava; Xolo; Videocon; Alcatel; Panasonic; Gionee; Oppo; Xiaomi; Asus and all other manufacturers which provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

The plans currently offered by this insurance provider is somewhat complicated as the policies are laced with several terms and conditions. For example, if any damage to your screen or touch display happens within the first 15 days of the purchase, then the company won’t provide any assistance.

The insurance plans are based on the price of the handset, and starts from Rs 349 for handsets priced between Rs 1500 – Rs 5000. The most expensive plan costs Rs 4299, covering handsets priced between Rs 45001 – Rs 56000.

The insurance claims are based on the number of days of usage of the handset. Hence, if the consumer claims for a loss/damage within the first 15 days of purchase, then WarrantyAsia will provide 75% of the repair bill (in case the damaged components are repairable); 65% of the handset price (in case the damaged components are not repairable) and 55% of the price of the handset in case the mobile is stolen (supported by FIR copy).

Above that, there are more terms and conditions such as service tax on the total amount; service charges on the total amount and other miscellaneous charges. You can find details about the plans and the policy offerings right here.



GadgetCops were among the first in India to provide a comprehensive cover for electronic gadgets, with primary focus on smartphones. The plans offered by GadgetCops currently cover Accidental Damage, Theft, Extended Warranty and provides other Value Added Services.

The plans offered here cover your smartphone for two years, and promises to provide repair or replacement for all types of electrical and mechanical faults encountered. Additionally, they also provide with a ‘cashless service’ wherein the insurer need not pay for any repair done at service center, as the costs are borne by the company.

Under the ‘Extended Warranty’ scheme, you can extend the one year of manufacturer’s warranty for the next two years, which will have all the benefits of the mobile insurance plans.

Under their insurance plans, there exists several instances where no claim would be provided such as for accessories: As per their FAQ section, theft and damage to any accessories including battery, charger, hands-free, mounting kits, memory card, body cover are not eligible for claims. Additionally, damage to your mobile from natural calamity and animals are also not covered.

You can refer to their plans and policies right here.



OnsiteGo provides comprehensive insurance and extended warranty cover for smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital cameras. Laptop insurance is a completely separate niche, which has entirely different set of rules and regulations. We will only focus on the insurance provided for mobiles and gadgets.

Established in 2010, OnSiteGo is based in Mumbai and provides their specialized ‘on the site’ support for your gadgets. The extended warranty for your gadgets will include typical faults such as hardware failures, malfunctioning touch screen, errors in WiFi antenna etc. As they are specialized in onsite service, they will pick the defected smartphone/tablet, repair it at the authorized service centers and then deliver it back at your doorstep.

  1. maanu says

    I liked Times Global no rejection policy. At least now one can assured of its claims.

  2. NIMAI HALDAR says

    I have mi4i 12000 i need insurance

  3. Sachin Jain says

    Yesterday I purchased a MacBook and a iPhone 6s from Vijaya sales. I m gonna purchase insurance of these gadgets from Times global insurance company. Do you guys have any idea of any kind of offers or coupon codes going on for Times Global?

  4. Piyush Goel says

    Very good article and these all are very well know names as i used to see lot of ads on regular basis. They all are promoting their services to bring notice into user attention and i believe their is nothing wrong with it.

    From my personal point of view, one of my friend just bought a extended warranty solution from company WarrantyBazaar.com and its not listed here might be as its not that much into news now days but it is very old company and the support they gives to their customer is remarkable.

    The best part is that
    – you have 7 days of period to signup after purchasing a new handset while others have max 48 hours.
    – you will get FREE 2nd year extended warranty with every purchase
    – Personal Death Cover Support of 1 Lac

    So, you for 1 year and get warranty coverage for 2 years. Isn’t it amazing.

    Dear Author, i would request you to update the list if you think it should be with few more options and WarrantyBazaar.com may be your another option to put here and spread the knowledge to others.

    1. Anirudh Mishra says

      Thank You Piyush, but after my extensive research on Google and other blogs ,I found Times Global Insurance is best in terms of plans, customer services and hassle free claim procedures.
      I am going to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro and its very costly laptop so it is very important to protect it through laptop insurance.
      I don’t want to regret so it would be better if I do my own research then purchase insurance.

  5. surekha says

    I am Surprised to see that Times Global Insurance is not listed here.
    Author should do his research before posting any blog.
    I have my personal experience with Times Global Insurance and their services are exceptionally excellent.
    And other mobile insurance companies have lot of terms and conditions which refrain them from giving proper claims.

    1. hitesh says

      i want to know that how does the times global insurance work. they do repair the part at home or pick up the product at their own . plzzz reply

  6. Subhash Bhasker says

    Please check the payout ratio of these insurance companies before listing them. Syska has very good record in summary rejection of claims on one pretext or other. A look at the online consumer complaint portals will bear out my statement. In fact one site http://www.consumercomplaints.in lists 105 complaints made to Syska with ZERO response, forcing the portal to notify that the company is not interested in resolving complaints.
    So please check the online complaint boards before giving these companies a clean chit enabling them to fleece customers who depend upon listings like yours to decide upon insurance coverage for their smartphones.

  7. Vandna sen says

    Good article but you forgot to mention Times Global insurance name on this list.
    I believe Times Global insurance is one of the top company in India, my Sony xperia is covered from Times Global Insurance.

    1. Pappu says

      Sir I want to know that if I want to insure my 6 month old Sony xperia mobile from Times Global Insurance directly through mymobileinsurance.com, is it eligible?

    2. Dinesh pathak says

      My brother gifted me a MacBook sir and aiphone 6s GB which he purchsed from USA and he advised me to get these gadgets insured from Times Global Insurance.Just wanna check that Apple products brought from US and got invoice which are from different name,can I still buy insurance online from Times Global Insurance?

  8. Abhay Rautella says

    I have had home warranties, extended appliances, automobile extended warranties, but none can compare to Times Global Insurance. They have exceeded all expectations for the recent repair of my daughters iPhone.
    The left half of her phone quit working I submitted the claim on line and received immediate responses and 3ff3cient direction. Once I received the claim number and the direction to repair locally the service centre took care of it in about 90 minutes returned the iphone submitted the invoice and received reimbursement exactly as they said they would No chasing no additional calls required. I will absolutely be utilizing Times Global Insurance for other phones and laptops as I acquire them
    Thanks Times Global Insurance for your professionalism.

  9. Amit Sharma says

    Times Global Insurance reviews majorly are by employees/friends/relatives/fake accounts. They are promoting their name like crazy. I was almost sold to the claim but came across identical reviews with different names.
    I found two identical reviews(word to word) only the model no. of iPhone & settlement amount was different. The entire story was same.

    You can check the two links( before the company Times Global Insurance removes it)


    Follow the link and read the review by Kunal Kapoor in the below link.


    I dare the Times Global Insurance to remove the reviews and justify my claim.

    1. Shivam says

      Hmm.correct but now I m doubtful on your review.
      1. Why there is not a single bad review or negative review except you.If this company do not give claims or settlements.
      2.I have seen some positive reviews where customers have also produced real bank credits and approval mails.
      Now I m confused.And reason of defending is thar one of my

      1. Amit Sharma says

        Hey Brother, I came across reviews which were identical and shared the links. Even I was amazed with the positive comments about the company but these two identical reviews made me think its fishy …. that’s all…

        With due respect, I have no issues with, which insurance you buy ….. but it was surprising that people post bank credit details & approval mails of claims.

        I honestly don’t know anybody who has posted his bank credit details & Approval mails as reviews… May be I will start doing when I receive Insurance cheques…”Yippeeee, I got my claim …here is my bank credit details” (Please take this joke lightly)

      2. Rahul rane says

        Hey bro (shivam) , Mr. Amit has got logical reason to post that comment.Even I have not seen even a single negative review about Times Global Insurance.
        But I choose to go for
        TGI for nexus insurance. Only one point is there that every company has got tons of bad reviews but TGI still holding tight fit on any negative comments.In another sense it may be marketing strategy but you can’t stop negative comments. So assuming TGI actually distribute claims on time.

  10. Siddharth Mishra says

    Hi, I m working in NY and purchased a iPhone 6s plus ( Cash Down), I wud like to take the Insurance of my iPhone from Times Global Insurance.But I m not able to pay online premium, as they are not accepting payment from overseas(Its a Indian Mobile Insurance Co.).Pls suggest me how to take iPhone insurance only from Times Global Insurance, as I m returning back to India in Feb 2016.

  11. Mukesh phulara says

    I saw lots of reviews of Times Global insurance, and lots of paid advertisements of syska and appsdaily. Then I decided to insure my laptop(mac book) from Times Global Insurance and my iPhone from syska.
    I brought my mac book and iphone from amazon, 4 months back so I thought to insure these gadgets. I did lots of research and personally found Times Global insurance is coming on Top of above all. (Plans & customer response time).
    Till now Everything is fine, no damage or claim.But in 4 months I got two calls from Times Global Insurance from customer feedback team.Also they are giving 50% cash back on No claim.So overall a good plan and professional attitude.

    1. Lokesh says

      How to apply online.It directly insists to pay after filling name and email. It doesn’t seek any information if the gadget.. . is it the right way and is it safer???

  12. Ruchika saxena says

    I will strongly recommend Times Global insurance for your mobile phone insurance.
    M Ruchika Saxena from lucknow. I want to share my personal experience of mobile insurance. Few months back I brought a iPhone 6 from amazon.And very next day of delivery I did online insurance of my iPhone from Times Global Insurance.(it was recommended by my younger brother).
    Around 10 days later while travelling to kanpur I lost my mobile in a local taxi. (I forgot in taxi and unable to trace it).
    Anyway I called customer care of Times Global insurance and the customer service told me to send a complaint copy from a local police station to them via mail and also told me to update my bank account.
    I filed a simple complain and mailed the copy to them and boom. .I was surprised to saw that Within just 3 days I got rs 43500 in my bank account.
    That was a perfect example of commitment and customer service.
    Which I saw in Times Global insurance.

  13. RANJANA MITRA says

    Thank you for this write up. It’s quite insightful. I noticed quite a few people advising against Syska. I recently got a One Plus2 and given the phone is big, I want a low premium but solid insurance good on claims with theft, breakage and water damage. I read a clause of New India Assurance where it said if phone falls in water, it will not be insured. Would anyone have any recommendations between Onsite, Times Global or any other?

    1. Hitesh says

      I have just ordered one plus2, syska they don’t serve one plus, now I am confused what to buy then, which one did u go for?

  14. Ranjan says

    Dont ever take Syska Insurance. Their service sucks and they frustrate you to the core.

  15. Nitish Kumar says

    I want to insure my phone which I have purchased on 31-5-15 for 2months

  16. mAnOj says

    I brought a new laptop yesterday and i did insurance from Times Global Insurance (my friends Suggested me).
    Till now everthing is satisfactory…lets c now

  17. Rani mehta says

    always research well before getting into mobile policy.I will personally prefer Times Global Insurance which is oldest and branded company.The company not only covers ur device but also very fast and transparent for claim settlements.
    Always download anti-theft app in ur mobile in case of loss or stolen.

  18. Kumar Khatri says

    Times Global Insurance is the best and top mobile insurance company in India, all other are just frauds.
    I took oniine insurance of my laptop purchased from USA few months back from http://www.mymobileinsurance.com . They guys have got an excellent response and quick service of claim settlement.The author should include Times Global Insurance In Top of the list.

  19. RAJKUMAR.C says

    Respected sir
    i would like to buy a samsung galaxy s3 neo mobile phone that cost was 13000.i d’nt know about the insurance plan details.so would u suggest me.if i insured that ,how can i claim after that….please explain me.and send me the details to my email id([email protected])..thanking you.

  20. Prashant says

    Dont Take syska insurance not good service.my claim not clear ,costumer service also not good not answering .big trouble for insurance .

  21. s govardhan says

    I purchased mobile cost is
    25000/..23/05/15date please tell me which company insurance is best

  22. […] to drop your phone on the road only to see a truck passing over it? Well, in that case only a gadget insurance plan can save your hard-earned money. What’s your take on protecting the smartphones from […]

  23. jeetu duseja says

    We need insurance for samsung S6 Edge , casting rs. 57000/- plz suggest.

  24. Pradeep swamy says

    For laptop insurance and mobile insurance mymobileinsurance.com would be the best choice.
    I have done my mobile and laptop policy from mymobileinsurance.com and this company is best among all.

  25. puja says

    I think the author has not done proper survey.
    Guys if u r lukin to insure ur mobile then go to http://Www.mymobileinsurance.com .its a reliable snd old company. with quick response and cover almost every thing. Times Global insurance is the company name which is a reputed name and brand. .i have already got a claim of my lost mobile worth 22k .and it was hassle free and without lods of documentation work.

  26. kishor says

    we need insurance for laptop,Mac Book is it possible please let me know asap…


  27. sai says

    I am looking for my mobile insurance.
    please let me know the details at the earliest.
    Thank You

  28. avijit banik says

    I Want to insure my phone which i have purchased on 17-06-2014 for two years. Pl. suggest

  29. Prashant Gosh says

    I recently bought a new mobile and bought Gadgetwood complete care from Gurgaon, I have used their service before try them out my experience was good with them.

  30. Uday Singh says

    Respected sir at december 15th 2014 i purchasd micromax canvas turbo. Really dnt no wich anti virus software shld i install. I m planning to activate siska software i downloaded frm playstore but itz showing sum coupen numbers to be filld i dnt no wht is tht. Pls suggest me

  31. navdeep says

    sir i had bought one plus smartphone i want best insurance plan which covers all the damage and theft loss .plz kindly suggest some plan for the same

  32. Sarala Prasan Samantaray says

    I want to avail the insurance facility for my new motorola g,2nd generation mobile.
    plz tell me the names of insurance companies n procedure.

  33. gautam kumar says


    we need insurance for laptop. costing rs. 65000/-

    pls suggest

    gautam kumar

  34. rajni chandra says

    Thanks Mohul Ghosh for this article… a must read for a friend of mine.. he bought Blackberry z3 15 days prior to diwali.. that time i said to him for insurance but he didn’t listen to me.. And 2 days prior to Diwali he lost his phone… now crying like a dumb ass.. This article will help him for future for sure as he didn’t knew that gadgets also have insurance… Keep up the good work dear.. cheers.. Thttp://wesimplifyblogging.com/free-ways-make-money-online-home.html

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