Weekly Wrap-up: Railways Mobile App, #here2help, Top Mobile OS, Google Plus growth & more…


The biggest news of last week was yet another blasts in Mumbai and how Twitter folks rallied together and helped out the needy when there was not other outlet available. Here are some of the other buzzing stories of last week as well.

BusinessBlogpopularposts1 Weekly Wrap up: Google Plus growth, Top Indian Brands, Flipkart, Worldspace radio, Indian developers & More...

What is Alternate Reality Gaming ? Simply put, a clever combination of narrative and user generated content that becomes the game itself.

Indian Android developer ecosystem is coming up fiercely now and some of the top apps on Android Market have Indian developers behind them. Here is a look at top 10 home grown Indian Android Apps.

IT services sector is not as rosy as it was just 5 years back – Many Indian IT service providers are struggling as the margin pressures are beginning to rise!

We published a few Top Lists last week, here they are

This news could help millions of train travellers in India – Indian Railways launches Mobile Ticketing App which can be installed on most mobile phones and SMS will now serve as a ticket!

We finally have an Indian company which can be called a Fortune 100 company and it is Indian OIL Corporation !

Here is a very interesting article written by Ankit on Zynga’s Valuation as compared to EA, and why anyone is everyone’s competition in today’s world!

India has the second largest mobile subscriber base in the world today and as per the recent estimates, it will cross Chinese mobile population by second quarter of 2012 to become nation with world’s largest mobile subscribers.

Google Plus has had a bumper launch – They reached from 0 to 10 million subscribers in 15 days flat. Facebook & Twitter must be a worried lot looking at the pace of growth. Here are some of the funny animated gifs created by users to show how Google Plus is trouncing Facebook!

Indian law and security enforcing agencies have now asked Google, Skype and few other companies to share user data as it poses national security threat!

Its shameful that Mumbai has to face another agonizing terror attack – However, this time, twitter came to the rescue of many who were left stranded due to these blasts!

Mobile Banking is growing and is expected to reach USD 350 Billion by 2015!

Although, BSNL is loosing its mobile market share rapidly, it has not stopped them from trying out new things. They recently launched Trust Cash Card which will allow consumers to use it fro web & mobile transactions!

Finally, the new rupee symbol becomes a standard and most keyboard manufacturers will start carrying a dedicated key for typing the new rupee symbol

Now this is a real news – Kootol, a small Indian software company is planning to sue Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Sino, Airtel & 32 other companies for patent infringement!

And if you have missed the funding deals of last week – Take a look here !

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The Gadget Fan1 Weekly Wrap up: Google Plus growth, Top Indian Brands, Flipkart, Worldspace radio, Indian developers & More...

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