What India Buys and Sells on Ebay !


Ebay India has come out with this year’s census of what Indians prefer to buy and sell on its auction site. The results published are actually quite interesting.

Did you know that Diamond Rings and Jewelleries are one of the most bought and sold items on Ebay. I, for one, always thought that the list would be dominated by Mobile phones and Electronic items. But that’s not the case.

Lets look at some of the interesting findings from the Ebay Census report.


The Capital of India, Delhi takes the cake for doing maximum shopping on Ebay and their favourite item to buy is Diamond Rings, while Diamond Jewellery is the one which is sold maximum by Delhiites!


The Top 10 Ranking cities for Ebay Transactions

  1. Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Jaipur
  4. Chennai
  5. Bengaluru
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Ahmedabad
  8. Kolkata
  9. Chandigarh
  10. Pune

Lets us look at what some of the top cities buy and sell


Top 5 Products Sold

Top 5 Products Bought

  1. Diamond Jewellery
  2. Mobile Handsets
  3. Women’s Wrist Watches
  4. Diamond Rings
  5. Sewing Machines
  1. Diamond Rings
  2. Mobile Handsets
  3. Pen Drives
  4. Gemstones
  5. Wrist Watches
  1. Diamond Rings
  2. Mobile Handsets
  3. Natural Gemstones
  4. Women’s Wrist Watches
  5. Sewing Machines
  1. Mobile Handsets
  2. Books
  3. Diamond Rings
  4. Indian Coins
  5. Pen Drives
  1. Salwar Suits
  2. Necklaces & Pendants
  3. Antique Books
  4. Home Furnishing
  5. Indian Stamps
  1. Solitaire Pendants
  2. Artistic Earrings
  3. Fashionable Rings
  4. Pen Drives
  5. British India Coins
  1. Indian Coins
  2. Pen Drives
  3. Mobile Handsets
  4. Remote Controlled Toys
  5. Indian Stamps
  1. Mobile Handsets
  2. Pen Drives
  3. British India Coins
  4. Books
  5. Special Stamps
  1. Indian Stamps
  2. Books
  3. Asian Currency Notes
  4. Pen Drives
  5. Embroidered Sarees
  1. Mobile Handsets
  2. Indian Stamps
  3. Pen Drives
  4. Books
  5. Home Theatre System Accessories
  1. Books
  2. Emergency Lamps
  3. Telugu Movies
  4. Gold Plated Bangles
  5. Sewing Machines
  1. Mobile Handsets
  2. Books
  3. USB Drives
  4. Indian Coins
  5. Diamond Rings

Did you see that products sold in different cities in India does not really show much resemblance to each other. While Books are sold maximum in Hyderabad, Chennai tops for Indian coins. Bengaluru sells Indian stamps while for Delhi it is Diamond Jewellery!

  1. shailendra biswasray says

    I had purchased a small product for first time but paid with paisapay I’d 40301000519 but the seller delivered the product to his wife and stolen my money.I claimed for that with claim I’d 1275437 and they paid me nothing only messaged me paid so please aware of payment given before receiving the product

  2. Kayathri Kumari says

    I think MyDeals247 is the true alternative for eBay.

    and Flipkart. Very unique concept.

  3. santhosh says

    i want to buy mobiles frod ebay shop not online
    is their any shops in HYDERABAD

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