How many devices has your smartphone replaced?


We get so consumed by new technology innovations like mobile phones and smartphones that we forget what world was like without them. It’s been close to ten years now since I laid my hands on a mobile phone. Since then much has changed and I hadn’t noticed a thing.

Mobile phone, single handedly has displaced quite a few devices or gadgets. Smartphones are taking one step ahead and displacing few more gadgets. Here are the devices which I don’t even think of any more :



I don’t wear watch for two reasons. One : It makes me uncomfortable while I am typing. Two : There is time everywhere – on the phone, in the computer and wherever. Wearing a watch makes me nervous to keep up with the time. Without a watch I can really concentrate on what I am doing and can go with the flow. That leaves only one reason to wear a watch – to show off.


You don’t hear a dedicated radio being sold or being bought anywhere. Almost all the mobile phones are equipped with FM radio and that should suffice the radio needs.


This is so passé. When I sleep the phone goes under the pillow, programmed to wake me up at the desired timing. Any mobile phone can do it. As per recent Nokia launch, a phone can even know when you will sleep quite intelligently.


Low-end mobile phones have torch as a USP. Smartphones have their own apps to make the screen white and make the phone a torch.


Calculator used to be the most coveted and the most protected gadget in my engineering days. It could still be the same for the engineering students as mobile phones are not allowed inside the exam halls. With that exception, mobile phone can replace a calculator for all practical purposes.


iPhone has an in-built compass which comes in very handy. It can give you some sense of direction if you are lost. If you are looking for a house and you are a vaastu freak then compass on iPhone or any other smartphone will come to the rescue.

3G Modem

Though I am yet to try this, by tethering your 3G smartphone you can browse on your laptop at 3G speeds. This should potentially eliminate the Tata Photon Plus and other similar gadgets.


The only camera I bought and still have is a 3.2 megapixel Sony Cybershot. My next camera was the camera on an iPhone. I probably took more shots on my iPhone than I have done on the proper camera. With the increase in phone camera capabilities the trend will only continue. If you are not a professional photographer, it might be highly unlikely that you will ever buy a camera.

Music player

There were Walkman’s, there were discmans and then came iPods. Now many mobile phones and all smartphones come with a audio player and video player capabilities. This would make a separate music player obsolete. Music connoisseurs might still prefer the iPods, for the rest of us music player on a mobile phone would do.

Those are the 9 essential gadgets which a smartphone has replaced for me. In addition to these there are other things like the RSS readers, eBook readers, note taking capability and the voice recording capability. If the growth of the app stores is any indication then we are only getting started. The possibilities are endless. With the deluge of apps coming on the most popular platforms, you should only think about doing something with your phone and in all likelihood, there will be an app do just that.

How did smartphone help you reduce the gadget clutter? What would you add to the list?

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  2. Gadget Guru says

    I was going to say none at all, but then I saw your list and I must admit I don’t bother wearing a watch much anymore and just use my phone instead. Also my phone hasn’t replaced my netbook, but I do use my phone instead of my netbook sometimes to use facebook and twitter if I want to write a quick message and can’t be bothered to wait for my netbook to come on.

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    Sriram, an excellent angle for thinking.

    Recently there is an article by Arun regarding all payments using a phone. He visited Japan and posted few clips how he made some transactions.

    I think the mobile has replaced hard cash, debit cards (Well, In countries like Japan and Singapore and soon may replace in other countries too)

  4. Madhav Shivpuri says

    How about:

    Game console – like playstation/ nintendo etc (not necessarily the brands, but handheld devices)

    Audio recorder

    GPS navigator

    digital translator/ dictonary

    PDA – memo taking, calendar etc features

    computer – arguable, but many functions like browsing, chatting, using apps like Skype etc has all moved to the smartphone.

  5. Loc says

    How about credit card register? There’s tons of software out there to turn an iPad or iPhone into a credit card processing machine. We’re currently playing around w/ Square but have tried others.

  6. Pradeep says

    Totally agree with you. Watch, Music Player, Torch (specifically when you need a little light to open your locks/doors etc), alarm clock etc have been replaced by phones.

    Calculator some how is still handy over the phone calculators

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