Interesting Facebook India Statistics [Numbers, Growth, Brands]


India now has over 28 million Facebook users and over 1/3rd of all Internet users are on Facebook. India also has the 5th largest Facebook user base in the world and is expected to become 2nd largest Facebook userbase by end of 2012. These numbers & growth rate is humongous considering that Facebook had very little India market share just 3 years back.


Facebook Growth in India

Just to give you an idea of Facebook growth in India – In last 6 months alone Indian FB user base has grown by over 11 million (From 17 mln in Dec 10 to 28 mln in Jun 11). In April this year,  India had added maximum FB users in a month!

Facebook India Growth

SocialBakers, a social media statistics company has a comprehensive dashboard offering Facebook India statistics and some of the numbers are really quite interesting.

Top Facebook users in Indian Cities

As far as Indian cities go – Mumbai has the highest Facebook user base in India with 3.7 million FB users (18th in the world), while Delhi (1.6 mln) & Bangalore (1.3 mln) rank 36th & 38th respectively.

Interestingly Chennai has 1.2 million FB users showing 101.64% penetration (among internet users). So at an average, every Chennai internet user has atleast 1 profile / page on FB. Pune comes in at 6th position with 830,000 Facebook users.

Facebook Advertising Rates in India

Advertising rates have always been relatively low and Facebook Ad rates are no different. Average Facebook Ads cost per click (CPC) in India is about 53 cents (Rs. 23 – 24) as compared to U.S average of USD 1.22 (Rs. 55 approx.). While cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) in India is 23 cents, in US it is 52 cents.

Top Indian Brands on Facebook

Tata Docomo has leveraged Facebook to the maximum – Their marketing & advertising campaigns have always been social and so they have done very well on Facebook as well as twitter. With over 2.5 million fans, Tata Docomo is the Top Indian brand on Facebook, followed by ever popular Vodafone Zoozoos who boast about 2.1 million fans.

Top Indian Facebook Brands

Not only does Tata Docomo have largest FB fan base, but they are also one of the fastest growing Indian brands on Facebook.

It is quite surprising that even after close to 2 months since IPL has got over, Mumbai Indians fan base is increasing at quite a fast clip! They now boast 1.78 million fans

Indian Facebook Users Demographics

It is no surprise that Facebook is used by Younger generation – So much so that about 47% of all Indian Facebook users are between age 18 to 24. The second largest group are users between age 25 to 34 years, who make up about 29% of all FB users in India. Only 5% users are of age 45 & above!

FB INdian user demographics

Facebook usage in India is highly skewed towards males (71%) – with only 29% of users being females!

Popular Indian places on Facebook

According to recently launched Facebook places, Mumbai International Airport has recd. maximum check-ins (4154) followed by Bengaluru (2277) followed by Mumbai Domestic Airport (2243).

Facebook Places

Overall Facebook has 704 million users currently and one of the most talked about question on Facebook is – When will it reach userbase of 1 Billion…

Any guesses ?

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    In last two to three years many facebook fans have increased from India, and Facebook have also launched many new features for Indian users

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