Top 25 Great places to Work in India in 2011


Here is a surprise for you – If you thought working for Infosys or Wipro or one of the large Indian IT companies was great, think again… According to recent survey released by Great Places to Work Institute in partnership with Economic Times, none of the large Indian IT companies make the cut in Top 25 companies.

Infact, 8 out of top 10 great places to work in India are not even Indian companies – that says a lot!

Top 25 Great Places to work in India [2011]

Rank 2011 Rank
1 Google
2 Intel Technology
3 Makemytrip
4 American Express
5 Marriott Hotels
6 Classic Stripes
7 Scope International
8 Agilent Technologies
9 Claris Lifesciences
10 NetApp
11 Forbes Marshall
12 Idea Cellular
13 Cactus Communication
14 Ujjivan Financial Services
15 Titan Industries
16 SAS Institute
17 Paypal India
18 Intelenet Global Services
20 HCL Infosystems
21 Equitas Microfinance
22 Qualcomm India
23 NIIT Ltd.
24 Bharti Airtel
25 Corbus India


Of these 25 companies, only 10 of them are Indian, while most of them are foreign multinational companies who have opened their shops in India.

Interestingly, Google has always been in the top 5 great places to work, but this is the first second time it has been ranked at the top of the table. MakeMyTrip on the other hand debuted on 2nd position last year and has dropped a place to 3rd this year.

2 Telecom Companies figure in the list – Idea Cellular (12th) & Bharti Airtel (24th).

What surprises me is – Why companies like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant or TCS do not figure in the list. Its not that large Tech companies are not in the list at all. If Intel, Agilent, Qualcomm & HCL infosystems can make it to list – it is surprising that Infosys does not find a place here.

What do you think?

  1. Prakash Kashyap says

    Dear All, I am Ex- NIIT student,NAgpur . NIIT is not very good institute for study….They are just doing business

  2. Dr Vikram says

    yes that is what I mean’t the excitement is in negative connotations. These are not good places to work.

  3. Ex-HCL Infosystem employee says

    I totally disagree as I was a employee of HCL infosystem, mumbai as each day I worked there was very uninteresting and un-challenging. Even the work environment created by the manager was very bad.

  4. Dr Vikram says

    I can answer for some of the IT companies that you have mentioned Arun. There is a lot of excitement in the work environment but they are not the best places to work especially in context of Work-Life balance. But that’s just my perspective

  5. Rakesh Kumar says

    why infosys is not here? Did something wrong happened this year to infosys or its growth rate declined?

  6. Rakesh Kumar says

    why infosys is not here? Did something wrong happened this year to infosys or its growth rate declined?

  7. balaji yadhav says

    This list is ridiculous how can you compare an MNC with just a few hundred employees to a conglomerate like the Tata and Reliance. By the way if these companies are so GREAT TO WORK IN why do these companies also have the highest attrition rates in the country. By the way how in the world is companies like Paypal India which doesnt even have 500 employees not to mention MINISCULE OF BUSINESS in India is in this list. Come on there must be some kind of Eligibility criteria for making such lists like minimum turnover and minimum employee strength. Looks like some guy just put all the companies name in a jar and handpicked 25 from them making sure that MNCs are in this list so that they seem in coherence with the global list .
    It is really funny to see some people are actually taking this list seriously
    By the way what does Forbes Marshall do …..anyone????

  8. Facility Management in India says

    This list is a really nice list of top employers in India. But only few lucky and talented ones can make it to these giant companies. But I was also quite surprised to know that few people are leaving these companies and joining small and medium companies. On interviewing the reason I found one of the common answer was job satisfaction. It was hard to believe it, but if it is true then we need to think again that if this is the list where people love to stay their life-long.

    1. Ashwin says

      As far as i know, job satisfaction differs for different age groups. For young engineers, satisfaction is directly proportional to the amount of work they do that has direct impact on business, and hence, they realize that in big companies, their work will not have much impact, hence move to startups, but middle age engineers focus on position and job security.

  9. Samit Ghosh says

    At Ujjivan all our employees are passionately committed , our goal is to provide financial services to the economically active poor, to help alleviate pove to our mission to provide financial services to the poorrty. All our employees are passionately committed and excited to turn this vision into reality. We believe that we can deliver outstanding financial service to our customers only when our employees have a great place to work. We are thrilled that we have reached the top 15 companies to work for in India in such a short space of time.

    1. Eric Savage says

      Samit – Congratulations on this well deserved accomplishment!! Great to see Ujjivan once again setting new standards.

    2. Nainish Parekh says

      Samit,Congratulations..Vision, Mission and Great Boss…wish I was 30years younger to join the team.

    3. Sitaraman Mani says

      Congrats Samit! You have always been an inspiration to all of us who worked for and with you

    4. S Lalita Rao says

      Congratulations ! Winning this award yet another time…. shows that most employees are happy and contented with what they do, and the company. Marvellous!

    5. kanwar singh says

      DEAR SIR,,

  10. satianath parayath says

    Classic Stripes in the Top 25 for the 7th time . This year overall ranked at 6th and Number 1 in the Manufacturing Sector !!

  11. Sumedh says

    Did any of top IT companies participate in this survey? Did companies like Intuit, Zynga or facebook participate? Aren’t they a great place to work at?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Sumedh…No where have they mentioned this and so I cannot comment.. Facebook probably is too small in India right now.. to participate in the survey…

  12. infytcswipro says

    Excellent share mate! This is an eye opener to people who thing getting into Infosys, TCS, or Wipro is a way to make a career. Here is a similar share

  13. Ashwin says

    A small correction, its the second time that Google has topped the list, (

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Aha….Thanks Ashwin for the correction…It was a mistake from my side…

      1. Apeksha says

        Thanks for the post Arun. I would like to comment on Balaji Yadhav’s post. The eligibility criteria for organizations to participate in the Study is a minimum employee strength of 100 and the organziation has to be in existence in India for 2 years atleast post any merger or acquisition. Please visit for more information. Perhaps, you may want your organization to participate for 2012. :)

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