TCS Now A Global Top 10 IT Services Company


This is a huge moment for Indian Software Industry!

Biggest Indian IT Company TCS is now ranked among the top 10 global IT services companies. Last year, TCS was ranked #13 in this exclusive list but this year, with its improved performance, now has been ranked at #10.

With total revenues of $12.5 billion, TCS is currently India’s biggest IT firm. Out of this, they made $10.1 billion from IT services alone, which propelled them into the top 10 list of global IT services companies.

12 years ago, TCS had revenues of $1 billion and due to their relentless pursuit of excellence; they have finally achieved this feat. Besides TCS, no other Indian company has ever come closer to being a global giant especially in the services sector.

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In the list, Infosys is ranked at #18, improving their position from #19 last year. Wipro is placed at #20, improving its position of #23 from last year. HCL is placed at a distant #25, also improving it’s position of #27 from last year.

IBM with estimated revenue of #54.4 billion is placed at #1 position in this ranking whereas Fujitsu with revenues of $32.1 billion is at #2 rank. HP is at #3; Accenture at #4 and NTT at #5.

This ranking of biggest global IT services companies has been compiled by HfS research. They have compared the IT companies only on their services profile, thereby ignoring statistics from other areas of their portfolio such as BPO, Research and Development and Software/Hardware products. They have used the publicly available information of all the four quarters of 2013 related with IT services revenues and expansion.

Jamie Snowdon, executive VP of research operations at HfS Research said, “Talk to any incumbent western service provider today, and the one making them all tremble from the sub-continent is TCS,”

Meanwhile, TCS is not yet satisfied. In a recent development, it has been revealed that they are starting a joint venture with Mitsubishi Group in Japan to create a giant IT services company there, with a war chest of $600 million. TCS will acquire 51% stake, and provide technological background to expand their presence in Japan.

It would be really interesting to observe how TCS utilizes it’s current leverage to expand even further in the IT services horizons now.

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