Online Ads going the desi way!


See the two demo ads by Google – Which ad are you more likely to click on given an option in the same screen?  (Provided you know Hindi)

Google India has started displaying Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malyalam and other regional languages ads depending upon geographical location of visitors.

A comparison of the efficiency of ads by Ozone Media Performance Users Study (OPUS) reveals that resident Indians respond better to regional language ads as compared to English ads, by almost 30 per cent. Moreover, Tamil and Telugu are driving conversions in language specific advertising across ad categories for performance campaigns.

It is said that business is usually done better if customers and company executives share the same language. Any kind of communication gap w.r.t. language is only a hitch. However, if marketing and promotions are also done in the local language, the results are likely to be better for obvious reasons, whether it’s an international product or local.

Technology has made the concept of glocalisation even simpler where the companies aiming to go global can still have a local flavors in products. What better can it be if the promotion & advertisement is given a local touch!

I believe these ads are more beneficial for matrimonial, healthcare, astrology, banking and related industries as it requires more trust which may be reflected through the right lingual communication. This could also be because with use local languages, a product/service and be better explained and right message can be conveyed.

Here is what Kiran Gopinath – CEO and founder of Ozone Media has to say:

“Consumption of regional language ad signifies the emerging trend in online marketing campaigns of the kind of spread and specific targeting brands adopt to reach their desired audience”

What’s your take on this regionalisation of online advertising model?

  1. Indiran says

    For Matrimony category, non resident Indian’s (NRI) respond better to regional language ads whereas resident Indians respond better to English creatives.

  2. Phani Raj says

    ” Google India has started displaying Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malyalam and other regional “–
    For your information – It is “TELUGU”-

  3. CA Karan Batra says

    But I dont think publishers would be comfortable publishing advertisements in Hindi because even though Indians prefer to speak in India, but they read and write in English

    1. Madhav Shivpuri says

      The publishers language is not important. If the customer reads Hindi website then showing Hindi ads would be the way to go. However, its upto the business to monitor the performance of the ads and switch languages as necessary.

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