Confirmed – Google Voice works in India !


Yes, I just made phone calls to USA using Google Voice and it worked very well (so well, that I was floored by the quality). Probably, I am one of the random lucky user for whom the Google Voice got enabled. Let me tell who how I did it.

Out of the blue after logging on to my Google apps email account, I was given a pop-up saying “Make Free Calls through 2011


I was actually not too surprised as just couple of days back there was a talk on Twitter that Google Voice activated messages are coming up for users in India. However, none of these users were actually able to use Google Voice.

But to my utter surprise, I was able to make phone calls in US and talk without any hassles.

Once you click on “try it now”, a small window opens up like the one shown below. However, before make a phone call you will be required to download a Voice plugin.


Once voice plugin was installed, I just dialled the number (Did not want to bother any of my friends at night, so I called up my hosting service based in USA Smile). The voice call went through like a charm, and the call quality was absolutely phenomenal (even better than normal phone calls).

The screenshot below is a proof that call went through ( 37 seconds into the call) and their is a time stamp, so no question of ambiguity in the date as well as to when I made the call !


Now, the big question!

Is Google Voice officially getting activated in India?

I think not – this may be just testing going on at Google’s end, but what about legalities of making VOIP phone calls in India ? Has google taken formal authorization to start these services in India ? There are no answers to these questions right.

We will keep you posted on this as soon as we get some confirmation.

Till then if you are one of the lucky ones who have got Google Voice enabled, enjoy full year of making free calls to USA…that’s huge, ain’t it !

  1. nitin007 says

    dont need to do any thing …just install hotspot shield…and choose virtual location as united states;
    and start login to ur gmail account..u definitely find the call phone icon matter where ever u r ,,,,in india or anywhere else

  2. Paul Jacob says

    I have been been using google voice in the United States for more than a year now, and it works like a charm. I made an account from here, for my dad who lives in India, and he’s using it too.
    In your case, you might have been lucky, but the workaround is to create a google voice account from a United States IP. Ask a friend, use a proxy. See what happens!

  3. Itesh Biswal says


  4. Mahesh says

    It works. You need to install VPN which assigns you the US IP.

    a. Install Hotspot – Shield
    b. Connect to Hotspot after installation
    c. Login to gmail
    d. Install the plugin
    e. Ready to go!! :)

  5. Johnson John says

    does it work now, googlevoice in india.

  6. ??? ??? says

    I did use it to make calls to uk and it did work for me:)

  7. Umesh Basniwal says

    this service is not available for indian users.

  8. Supriya Halyal says

    I tried it yesterday but getting.. Sorry! You do not have enough credit to make this call..:(

    1. Sunil Neelam says

      google voice allotes a unique no. to the user if that no. is from US then you can make calls free whithin US and few other countries. but whenever i tried with it says same you do not have enough credit to make call.

    2. Zakir Khan says

      i have one another software by which you all guys can make free cals to us, canada greece mexico and purito rico, if any body want this pls contact me on my cell +919889398432

    3. Zakir Khan says

      i have one another software by which you all guys can make free cals to us, canada greece mexico and purito rico, if any body want this pls contact me on my cell +919889398432

  9. Alen John says

    aesa kya!

  10. Abhishek Nagar says

    its been working for me since Nov 2010

  11. Kumaran Murugesan says

    Google voice started working from last couple of days. excellent call quality.

    1. Pinakin Rana says

      i cant star it(india) so plz .. will u send the link…

  12. Sunu Sanjeev says

    did not work.

    1. Sunu Sanjeev says

      perfect lies…..

  13. Johnson Augustine says

    Not working now….. is there any voip offer low price calls in India?

  14. Seema Kauser says

    That's great! Will try it soon.

  15. Abhay Kumar says

    yup it went for a toss now..

  16. Yasodhar Surabattula says

    its not working.

  17. Yasodhar Surabattula says

    its not working.

  18. Ruchir Maheshwari says

    it doesn't work any more though I also made a couple of calls some months back.

  19. prathyush says

    hello everyone…. google voice is not activated india… the reason some indian get the google voice option in gmail is when ur gmail account sometimes accidentally gets connects to the US server. so google assumes that u r connection to gmail from US… thats the reason the voice option gets activated…. it gets immediately deactivated in a day though…. so the best solution is if have a friend in US try to get remote access to his PC thru teamviewer or logmein and access ur google account thru. once u have done that u can choose ur own personal mobile no… i was lucky to get fancy no (XXX) X00 8999… if u r a iphone user it works even great… after u register thru a US conputer, download an app “talkatone” in iphone and login ur google voice account and u can make and receive calls to ur own personal US number….its like having ur own US mobile no…

  20. Rajarajan says

    yeah me too tried few weeks back, suddenly Google voice gadget appeared in my gmail window. I was even able to call my mobile. But then when I tried again for another call it said ‘Insufficient balance’. After sometime I was not even able to get the Google Voice gadget in my mail. It disappeared thereafter.

  21. Dr.Sunil says

    If credits are added by users whove recvd call feature in gmail chat, then will a google number with other google voice features be alloted or will the features get activated only till ‘official’ enabling of google voice in India?

  22. Mahesh Devagiri says

    Making a call from google voice is’nt a big deal, Any one who can configure a browser with an US proxy can make calls freely

    But the real big thing is to use google voice’s one number in india.

  23. Rohit says

    As per “friends” in Google (mountain view) it is a bug or an issue in testing.

    But seems like they are planning to release a “promo” rather than complete “feature” when they start.

  24. Web Hosting says

    Yes its worked for me also..

  25. Nikhil says

    Yeah this is true.

    Same happened with me – but I didnt close that tab f chrome since last 5 hours. and i still have access to Google voice.

    I think this was enabled as a part of some testing.

    So as long as this tab is open at my screen i believe i can make calls –

    ;)better hibernate my machine .

  26. Aparajita says

    Yes, it does work wonderfully if you have a good speed on your Internet. I am in the US and have been making free calls within US. However, I cannot call India unless I top up my balance, which is a nominal $10. This could take over skype. More so, I am able to send free SMSs to mobile carriers in the US, and they can actually SMS you back. It makes for another great GOOGLE conversation.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hey Aparajita,

      Thanks for letting us know about SMS thing…was not aware that Google Voice also offered that..

      1. Aparajita says

        I would encourage you to try ‘Google Labs’ feature. It is loaded with quite a few applications which make Gmail worth the while.

    2. suraj prakash says

      if u live in us can u help me ……………..pz

    3. suraj prakash says

      i just need ur help….if u can ..plz add ([email protected]:disqus .com) on facebook then i can suggest u my problem ……..plz i need ur help…if u live in us…reply soon…

  27. saurabh says worked for me too ..i got this new icon my gmail talk .

    called up asap in US..talked for few minutes day it was gone :(

  28. Mandar Vaze says

    I would like to understand what are the official restrictions against using VoIP in India ? People use Skype/gtalk all the time- though this is pc-to-pc call most of the times – but with skype credit one can always make calls to US and other countries. How is Google Voice different ? (In terms of legalities)

    It is my understanding that ‘conferencing’ local land line call with international VoIP call (thus bypassing ISD toll) is not allowed.

  29. selvakumar Venkatachalam says

    It worked for me last month for 10 days..and suddenly disappeared now..I tried call to US voice clarity is very nice… my call history got saved in…waiting for official activation in india…

  30. Suresh says

    Yes. I am one of the lucky person today to test a call to US. It’s simply superb.

  31. Binoy Xavier says

    Not sure if Google is testing G Voice in India, but if you login via US VPN it will work. Been using Google Voice from India over the past few months :)

  32. Atul Dharne says

    Yup…it worked for me too from @ 10 days back…even charged it so I can call outside US…call quality is good!

    1. vara says

      Please let me know the procedure

  33. Vishi says

    I got the same pop up few days back, but when i tried to make a call it said insufficient amount (There was some message related to credits, which actually meant i need to pay). Now I don’t see google voice caller in my google account.

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