-The most visited matrimonial site in the world…really?


I was reading a piece on Shaadi and Vodafone tie-up to offer Matrimony services on mobile. While on the site, I found a surprising headline on the homepage declaring “Ranked as the most visited matrimonial website in the world”, which really intrigued me.

shaadi false

I would not have been surprised if it was in India, but to be the most visited matrimonial site was a little un-believable. However, once I clicked and found out more details, it was no surprise – twisted the headline to misguide in the visitors !

According to, is actually the most visited matrimonial website in India and not in the world. Globally, it stands at 4th place, which too is actually quite respectable.

shaadi rankings

Not really the right way to become the world’s most visited matchmaking site in the world!

  1. karan says

    I like the information shared over here. But has now become a corporate company hooking up people with hardcore sales to sell their products. In my opinion the smaller players are doing a better job providing personalized matrimonial services. I would love to suggest one such name where I visited recently for my cousins marriage. These guys at really helped out a lot as compared to the guys. I will recommend for the services they offered me.

  2. Chai Meeting says

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  3. Vivaahabandhan says

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  4. Raj says

    No doubt that the is a matrimonial joint.
    All matrimonial sites like jeevansathi, bharatmatrimony, simplemarry are doing good work and serve the society. But at what cost..the subscription fees is too higher which is not affordable for everyone.
    I recently came across a 100% free Matrimonial site called which is less popular from all the above sites but serving the best without any cost and having all the features..i registered my sister’s profile and got very good response.
    Thank you for serving the society.

  5. OmShaadiOm says

    Well, your friend is doing a good thing. He is intelligent. I don’t understand the concept of a paid matrimonial website. This should be free, when services like orkut, gmail, facebook are absolutely free.
    That is why I have developed this open source alternative to shaadi, jeevansathi, sathi, bharatmatrimony, etc.

    This is omshaadiom dot org. Dot org because it is not a profit making venture. This is one hundred percent free and has five hundred percent more features are present in this service. It allows members to blog, members could be searched using google maps and much more. There are forums, instant messengers, chatrooms etc.

    I think intelligent people should opt for this. I have presently hosted my site on shared hosting of godaddy but as soon as I get a milllion members and some adsense revenue, I will shift it to personal dedicated servers.

    So, soon we all will say “OM Shaadi OM”

    Regards and God Bless.

  6. curious says

    Do you not see the difference between the other sites above They call themselves the most visited “matrimonial site”. Go take up Reading 101 again.

  7. Pamela Chetty says is definitely the dominant player in the matrimonial space (which as mentioned above is quite rightly not the same as the global matchmaking/ dating space) so I don’t think the quote is misplaced.

    Just came across another interesting site called Hasta Milan ( which surprisingly (and legimately!) claims they provide access to contact the maximum number of matrimonial or dating site profiles. It’s not really a marriage or dating site but it’s a message board type system that lets customers leave messages for profiles you find on other sites including, and even Pretty cool concept and definitely a must for any member of these marriage/ dating sites – just opens up a world of possibilities to find a match and for no charge!

  8. India bride says

    ShaadiBiye Matrimony-Bengali Matrimonial is creating waves. This is where

    Soul Meets for Eternal Knot. Free Registration – Join NOW.

  9. Dr Saxe says

    Amazing what words can do. Good topic, got my attention, got me to check out the site and wasted a few minutes of my time and backed out quickly. Any variation of the word Matrimony creeps me out!
    Enjoy your site
    Dr Saxe

  10. Yash says

    I agree with Nikunj above. Shhadi can rightfully claim to be the world’s most visited "matrimonial" website. The concept of a "matrimonial" website is limited to the subcontinent only because the intent of the people who visit Shaadi or a similar site is not to find friend/date but to get married. So Shaadi is definitely the most visited match making site that users visit with intent of getting marired.

  11. Nikunj says


    I think the difference is in the catch word – Matrimony. The other websites in the rankings (i just saw them), are more of dating sites and are not particularly specialized in “Marriage” features. While you would visit to find friends / dates etc, u will visit to get married and just not to hook up!

    Food for thought!


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