Google still shows wrong Indian map – Has the change really been done ?


Ok, so mainstream media has given wide coverage to the fact that Google has changed their maps in Google Insights section to show full Jammu & Kashmir as part of India.

Apparently that’s not the case – Google Maps on insights still showing only half the state as it was showing previously.


I have been checking for the changes Google has (apparently) made in its maps for past 3 days since the news came out, but it is still exactly the same [current map given above and the one which was previously shown]

It may be possible that Google is still in the process of updating its servers – Has anyone else witnessed the same ?

I tried various combinations to see if the map has been updated – The above map is picked up by using search term “India” for region “India” – Link.

Would love to know if anyone else has seen the updated maps !

  1. Shiva Kondapi says

    Google should include all parts of INDIA.

  2. Prabhat says

    guys, fighting with each other is all stupid. i am a citizen of india and i think that no government, either india’s or pakistan’s, is perfect. and i think that the comments made by some people here against india can be true. but fighting with each other over the faults of governments is not good.

  3. M.Qayyum says

    Yaaaaa…indiots are the biggest demoncracy of the world….

  4. unsatisfied says

    teach indians democracy ????? what the f*** r u guys talkin about . india is the only country which has a real democracy in it and he was true saying that kashmiris never want to seperate from india but pakistanis who r living in tht region and who r against india say that they want to seperate from india , the only reason is tht they r in indian land . and i felt so bad looking at the map it looks like something is really wrong with it. thta too bad on google i am against it

  5. Sandeep says

    Now, failed states will teach Indians about democracy!!!

  6. imran says

    So much for the democracy you indians claim to preach or have…………which i know is FAKE, and proven by you for deleting my comments, which was fairly balanced.

    You can force a private company to change its maps & fool yourself and your people in india, but you cannot fool the world or kashmiris…

  7. imran says

    Hey Indians,

    If I were you, I would concentrate on saving little bit of the kashmir that is occupied, which seems might end up joining Pakistan or becoming compeletly independent instead of “crying me a river” to google.

    Google might have changed the map for you kids in india cause the map didnot change for other countries outside india.

    Again, you indians are fooling yourself by changing a map. The people of Kashmir dont consider themselves as indians; they want to be either Pakistani or independent, what part of this sentence you dont get? lol

    1. Amit Bhide says

      Who the Hell told you people of kashmir want to be pakistanies?? they havent lost their minds dude..
      Even Pakistanis dont want to live there. Living in Pakistan wont be any different than living in hell.. so keep your advice and maps to yourself we dont care! try not ending up giving anything to china which is not yours!!! else one fine day you will find whole of pakistan being occupied by china!!!

      1. Imran says


        The writing is on the wall. look at the Kashmiris in Azad Kashmir. Have you ever seen them demanding freedom from Pakistan? There has never been protest in Azad Kashmir, and Kashmiris enjoy freedom there. Kashmiris are happy with Pakistan, its a fact and dont you have a heart attack. No matter how much you do your Pak bashing, the reality is that Kashmiris hate indians and india….they dont have anything in common with india. They want your Army out of Kashmir and the occupation needs to end.

        Even now there are protests in Jammu Kashmir against indian occupation, so keep fooling

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