WTF ! Google does it again – Gives away half of Kashmir to Pakistan on its Map !


I am not sure why Google is doing this – Repeatedly Google has been messing around with India’s Map, especially the Northern India-Pakistan border.

Google Insights, which offers analytics on searches done on the search engines now shows Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) is part of Pakistan.

India Map on Google Insights

Google Insights India Map

Pakistan Map on Google Insights

Google Insights Pakistan Map

Actual India Map on Google Maps


Just few days back Google had announced that their upgrade on Mapping systems, where the Geo-Political boundaries are shown with more precision and any areas that are disputed will be shown in dotted lines (see the Google Maps above).

However, if you search on Google insights, that is not the case. It clearly shows PoK as part of Pakistan. It should have showed the whole area as disputed if not as part of India.

Google has also goofed up earlier when it showed Arunachal Pradesh in Mandarin, giving impression that it is part of China.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Prashant Yadav says

    shhit man..
    wot is this.

  2. Prashant Yadav says

    shhit man..
    wot is this.

  3. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Alootechie reports that this Google problem is now fixed –

  4. Gilani says

    The flip side mistake should also be brought to notice of the world. the Indian Occupied Kashmir is being shown as part of India despite being a disputed territory according to 1949 UN resolutions.

  5. dd says

    Arun, Not only J&K, Even North East State of Arunachal Pradesh is also partly missing in the map , Please highlight the same also….

  6. Indiran says

    Google should be banned in India for doing like this.

    Special status in Indian constitution should not be given to Kashmir and the Common Civil Law should be implemented to solve the Kashmir issue. This is impossible in this current dynasty politics done by the present Indian govt.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Banning Google is definitely not the right way to go about it…

      But Indian Government surely needs to bring this to Google’s notice in no uncertain terms !

  7. United says

    Mr. Aasim, I think you are right! While the arguement of so called freedom sounds very romantic, let us analyze the facts:

    1. who will be the neighbouring countries of Aaazed Kashmir?
    2. What kind of revenue would come to country?
    3. would Pakistan still stop the 1000 cut theory? Imagine after paying the local lads to throw stones for years, would Pakistan let is go so easily?
    4. The governments will collpase and adminsitration would not be able to take the fragile independence for long. Look at afghanistan and Iraq as examples!

  8. aasim says

    kashmir belongs to kashmiris and we have not decided to which side we belong ,both india and pakistan are living in fools paradise

  9. Vivek Kumar says

    Deplorable yes. However, it is also a sad that we believe national borders will get determined by how a private corporation chooses to depicts them in their interpretation.

    1. SR says

      INTERPETATION ….. or a fact ….. what google has shown was a real fact …. if u dont believe take a look at the international line of control map by UN …… those part of of kashmir was never a part of indian teritory …. our army did not control them …. only our government think that those land are our ….but they never thought about how to get them back …ironic

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