Search 57,000 Public Toilets Across 2300 Cities On Google Maps By Saying These Words

Search 57,000 Public Toilets Across 2300 Cities On Google Maps By Saying These Words
Search 57,000 Public Toilets Across 2300 Cities On Google Maps By Saying These Words

In 2017, Google Maps initiated a massive public service exercise by listing public toilets on their mapping interface. This was unprecedented, as public toilets are usually hard to find, and such technologically driven initiative to help locate public toilets are appreciated by one and all.

This exercise also synced with Indian Govt.’s push towards ‘Swacch Bharat’ or ‘Clean India’ campaign: Now, anyone with a smartphone and Internet can search for public toilets, and help to make the environment clean.

Now, this humble beginning from Google Maps has reached another level, as 57,000 public toilets have been successfully listed on Google Maps now.

57,000 Public Toilets Now Listed On Google Maps

Google has announced that they have successfully listed 57,000 public toilets on their Google Maps platform. These public toilets are spread across 2300 Indian cities.

This massive public utility exercise has been made successful in association with Swachh Bharat Mission and Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs under Govt. of India.

The listing has been done via Google’s My Business Platform.

How To Search For Public Toilets In India

All you need to do is, open Google Maps app, and then say these words: ‘Public Toilets Near Me’

This voice command will trigger the results for public toilets near you location, and enable you use them free of charge.

Besides, users can also type keywords such as ‘public toilets near me’, or ‘public toilets in <city name>, <location> to get precise location on the public toilets.

How Will Google Maps Listing Of Public Toilets Help The Cause?

Two of the biggest issues with public toilets are: Discovering them, and cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the public toilets.

Google Maps listings help both. Discovering them becomes no doubt easier, as technology will be used for the same.

However, Google Maps will also assist in maintaining the quality standards and hygiene of public toilets.

Using the ratings and reviews posted by the users, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs can be aware of the state of these public toilets, and take appropriate actions to make them clean and hygienic, and even upgrade the facilities in the near future.

Hence, we can say that it will be a community powered, and technologically driven exercise, to make India clean.

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