wow ! A call center for Entrepreneurs – Udyami Helpline


India is called the ‘call center capital’ of the world. Even though China is giving it a run for the money, there is still a long way to go before that crown can be given to any other nation. When analyzed on certain parameters such as overall cost of outsourcing, labour costs, infrastructure costs, telecom costs etc, India still emerges as the most attractive call center destination for the world. All of this has led the call center industry to grow to US$ 300bn.

Until now, these call centers had people who spoke English with an American twang to provide 24 hour support to various customers of US clients. But one call center which has been inaugurated just recently looks set to change such an image of call centers. IT AIMS TO BE DIFFERENT!!!

And why not? The ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has modeled the ‘Udyami Helpline’ call center in such a way that a single toll free number would be used to help entrepreneurs across the country [Full Udyami Project report – pdf].

The Ministry has provided financial support for the project while Caretel Infotech has been assigned to run the center. Now how amazing is that? All you entrepreneurs out there especially those in far flung locations; this could be the best thing you have heard in recent times.


Entrepreneurs in India face a tremendous number of problems –

  • Poor knowledge of government rules and regulations which leads to harassment at the hands of various authorities
  • Challenges in arranging the capital for financing the project
  • No proper body to address any queries related to setting up of projects from the seed stage to the final stage
  • Challenges in monetizing the different business ideas
  • Difficulties in getting the requisite technology and marketing of products

This call center would aim to remove all these problems with information on various business possibilities, credit availability, MSME schemes and above all remove the grievances of entrepreneurs.

Though the success of this call center can be judged only after a certain period of time, this initiative is nonetheless AMAZING!

So what are your thoughts? Will this initiative really help Entrepreneurs or will it be just another non-working initiative by Indian Government ?

  1. sanjiv prasad says

    we are management students of Jamia Hamdard University based in Delhi, we are involved in making a documentary based on recent ill effects of Global Warming. our main aim is to aware people around the globe. For these purpose we have already registered a firm by the name “JAI SHANTI ENTERTAINMENT”.
    For the smooth continuance of the documentary we are seeking for financial support from the government organisations, investors or social workers.
    we request you to please send us the details where we can approach and how

    with regards
    sanjiv prasad

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    Dear Mr. Subba Rao,

    I have recieved your brochures and as explained to you as an individual, I am unable to do anything about your achievement. At the most you can offer me a job to do your marketing :) Just joking.

    Another issue !! Please refrain from using my name in your posts / comments. Please post with your name or any fancy name you like, but not mine.

    I post here comments with a certain outlook and people got used to my style of writing and it will be confusing. Also it is called spamming and is not a good thing.

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your mail, this technology is not available in western countries also, not only for these three countries India as Japan, China apart from these three countries this technology not available for AUSTRALIA, GERMANY , SINGAPORE, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA, IRAN ,ITALIC, PHILIPPINES, SAUDI, TURKEY, MALAYSIA, AND USA for small and medium plants.

    However I have sent an out broachers to you for the fallowing EMAIL Id.address:- [email protected], please collect the broachers and see the information.

    If you have any quires please free contact immediately.

    I am waiting for your early reply.

    Thank you,

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    Hello Subba Rao,
    Here is an article which is quite encouraging. The Union Minister is asking Steel Industry to come up with technology first before asking for export ban.

    You have good future. All the best.

    1. I.V.SUBBA RAO says

      Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your mail, why don’t you sent (pass this message) this technology information to union steel minister, finance minister, as well as prime minister .because this is very valuable and important information.

      Thank you,


      1. Altaf Rahman says

        @ Subba Rao garu,
        I dont think you are seriouos :) How can I take this news to Steel / Finance / Prime Ministers. I do not have any friendship or closeness with any of ministers let alone Prime Minister (Wow)
        As stated earlier, I am an Individual Indian citizen and I can not be expected to have such high connections. I frequently visit because I can find very interesting articles and share my views with readers. Thats all.
        Now coming to the technology, inspite of your claim, I still believe that yours is not an exclusive technology (the only technology available outside China and Japan). Infact I read on net that Lurgi of Germany is the market leader. I also find that many steel plants in India have started installing the pelletization plants themselves.
        1) SAIL has called for 4 million ton plant.
        2) RINL (our Vizag steel) also has called for tender.
        3) Jindals have one plant but changing equipment by using some otehr process to be efficient.
        4) Mittals, Tatas and many more are starting pelletization plants.

        Infact I read that with in 5 years, India will be able to utilize 15% of its total dust production (15 million tons out of 100 million tons).

        Its a good development as far as India is concerned.

        As the scope is vast (India requires many more plants to take care of its production) I believe your company has a good future.

        1. I.V.SUBBA RAO says

          Dear Sir,

          Good morning, Thanks for your mail, why you thought this not serious, Yes this is exclusive technology, because you are taking the LURGI tech, apart from that SLRN, TENEVA, MIDREX, SINO, AND some other technologies are there in the world.

          You are talking about that the ESSAR, JINDAL, SAIL, RINL, MITTAL, TATAS, have THERE own plants, yes you are Wright apart from that ARAYA SPONGE, VIKRAMI ISPAT, GODAVARI AND some other plants having there own plants in India.

          The above technologies are different with our technology, our technology is latest and low cost investment, and the above technologies are roller gate, rotary gate and vertical gate and some other process technologies also.

          For your kind information,

          1. MIDREX V.P. approached to by our technology after receiving the patent.
          2. SAIL (BHILAI), ALCEER, TIMES GROUP approached me to set up your technology in our companies.
          3. some of big companies like HONDAI, SINO, SSIT, and some other Chinese parties are interested to set up plants in India with J.V.s

          Please don’t think that this not a small issue, if you don’t my please give me your address I will come and meet you, O.K.

          I am waiting for patent.

          Thank you,

          I.V.SUBBA RAO

  5. Altaf Rahman says

    Hello Subba Rao Garu,

    After posting my comment earlier, I was thinking and again read your comment carefully.

    I am not sure if you are talking about utilization of iron ore dust or fines as that is called. The first half of your comment did nto mention the term dust or fines. So I thought it might be the regular iron ore pelletization process. However after carefully reading your comment once again I think now you are mentioning dust conversion. If it is so, indeed its new technology (only new for India as Japan, China and many western countries have this for decades)

    I would like to let you know that I do not represent any govt agency. I just happen to be an Engineer and an individual. Having worked in many countries (8 in all and visited 10 countries) for over 25 years, am a little informative about few happenings around the world in subjects of interest to me.

    As such I can not recieve your technology (as I can not either certify or process or forward to relavent authorites etc)

    Anyway if this technology is regarding utilization of iron ore dust/fines, its an exciting new field.

    By the way as I wrote above, pls look into the financing pattern. In fact you can approach any steel plant/sponge iron plant for joint venture. They can invest the project (by giving you a certain % of the equity and make you head of the plant. In general your plant is ancilliery of the main plant)

    Anyway in the end I wish you all the best and proud of your achievement. An Indian developing a technology to solve a burning issue.

    The facts I read about :

    1) India produces 215 million tons of iron ore.
    2) India exports 115 million tons of iron ore.
    3) 90% of the exported iron ore (100 million tons) is in the form of iron ore dust/fines which can not be utilized in India becasue we have no technology.

    Now thats what Subba Rao is referring to (I think)

  6. Altaf Rahman says

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your mail, thanks for your comments, please give me your mail id, then I will sent the attachment documents of our technology.
    I am waiting for your early reply.
    Thank you,


  7. Aseem Rastogi says

    @Subba Rao – You have a really interesting idea :)

    @Altaf Rahman – The two cents were very informative :)

  8. Altaf Rahman says

    Hello Subba Rao,

    Nice to see an enterprenuer struggling to succeed, break out of the lot.

    However I would like to add my two cents here.

    Your presentation (the above) in comments of a different article, will not give you maximum viewrship. When people see the article, if they like the subject will read it and then if they have time, will read the comments.

    So fromyour point of view to get max readers with same interest, you should have posted this in a similar article or asked the owner to post it as a seperate article.

    Anyway now coming to the topic, I was confused when you claim that you have developed a technology to make iron ore pellets from iron ore for the first time. As far as my knowledge goes, the first iron ore pelletization project was set up by Essar Steel in 1980s on the coast of Andhra. Their process was some thing like this. They mine iron ore in MP/Orissa and bring it to Andhra coast (Vizag port) from there they ship it to Essar Steel spong iron plant on west coast. (Essar Sponge iron was the first sponge iron plant in India) They imported a second hand plant from Germany (which was hardly used) and was an instant hit. I remember it coz at that time it revolutionized Indian Steel Industry (in 1987 I think)

    So in my view Iron ore pelletization is not a new technology. However if you have come up with any radical process to reduce power consumption, water consumption or any other benifit it is different issue. Anyway I take you at face value and any invention is welcome for India.

    Now let me assit you in modelling your finance problem. For you to start an industry worth 24 crores, you must know the basics.

    1) Any Indsutry costing 24 crores will have two components-Equity and Loans. Generally the ratio is 1 : 1.5. So for yoru dream unit, the equity part is 10 crores and loans of 14 crores.

    1a) Equity part : To get teh equity of 10 crores, like most of first time enterprenuers, you must atleast have 2 crores, the rest will come from IPO.
    In fact you dont need to have any money at all. Approach some venture capital funds. They will give you seed money. Or approach forign investors. You can have 25% sweet equity (your investment is your technology) Then you can prceed with IPO for teh rest of the equity component.

    1b) For the loan component of 14 crores, you prepare a project report professionally and get it attested by some organizations which certify that such technology works and certify that you are not trying to loot money from people. Appraoch many institutions like LIC, GIC, UTI, APIDC (as you are from Andhra) and otehr banks.

    For anything to move, first of all YOU HAVE TO GET PATENT. Otehrwise people think that you are a fly by night operator with a fancy scheme.

    Hope you liked my two pennies :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      Wow Altaf…now thats a great analysis – like Ankit said in previous seem to have knowledge on every field out there…

      You should be actually writing for us … readers will benefit a lot ..which they are doing even now due to your informational commenting..

      1. Altaf Rahman says

        Hello Arun, Thanks for the appreciation. How ever I am sorry I can not write articles, it is an entirely different art.
        Any cricket player can be a commentrator but commentrators can not be cricket players :)
        Same way I can make comments. How ever I can not initiate an article. Its a different expertise.
        Viral is a good friend of mine and he introduced me to this blog. I take pleasure in sharing my views with readers of trak.
        So I think I am best at doing what I am doing now :) writing comments. I dont want to venture into unfamilier fields :)
        Hope you understand me. Same to Ankit.
        Cheers :)

  9. Yaamini says

    This is certainly a great idea :-). This initiative taken is seriously amazing and very different

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Yeah it would be a great benefit for the millions of to be entrepreneurs in the country :)

  10. SUBBA RAO says


    GOOD MORNING, I am I.V. SUBBA RAO, I have developed advanced new technology, it is named as iron ore pellitization.. Still it is not introduced in India for small medium and major sponge iron manufacturing industries.

    We are planning to set up 50 T.P.D Commercial production plant, its cost is 24 Cores, but we are not financially sound enough. We have applied for patent rights on JULY 2007, regarding this technology so many domestic and other country small scale sponge iron manufactures are contacting through mails and through phones. Lot of customers is interesting to utilize our technology, while before that they want to see the operation plant.

    If I set up 50 TPD plant i.e., both ways it is like to pellet plant as well as commercial production plant. If any one help for us financial loan of Rs 24. 0 Cores (Indian currency). I will set up the plant as early as possible (6.0 to 9.0months).

    After starting the commercial production we will start clearing ours loan immediately, other wise if want sponge iron material we will supply the material (just like barter system).

    Through this technology small, medium and major sponge iron manufacturing industries (Karnataka, Orissa, Jharkand, Chatisgarh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh) can use this iron ore power easily. Because of this technology sponge iron and steel manufactures can get lot of marzines / profits, the Indian Sponge Iron /DRI Economic growth turn over gone up to 50,000 Cores per annum.

    This product (fines using) is burning problem of India and aboard for sponge iron and steel manufactures. This is unique technology; I have received so many mails with in short time in India and abroad. If any one can give me an appointment I will meet you and explain all other details.

    After starting the commercial production we will start clearing ours loan immediately, other wise if want sponge iron material we will supply the material (just like barter system).

    But I can not show you any security like property or any other documents.

    I am waiting for your early response.


    Thanking you,






    PIN:-533 437



    1. Ashok Srivastav says

      Dear sir,
      I will be highly interested to have a details of the projects for my clients.
      And also a proper customer or investment can be initiated from our clients.


      General Manager,

      1. I.V.SUBBA RAO says

        Dear Sir,

        Thanks for your mail of 29.11.10. Please send your EMAILI.D. then I will sent some more information.
        Thank you,
        I.V.SUBBA RAO

      2. SUBBA RAO says

        Dear sir,
        thanks for your amil please call me9490188826

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