Robbers Use Google Maps To Loot 11 Temples In Karnataka; Can This Be Stopped?

When will we understand not to misuse the internet for such wrongdoings?

Google Maps being used by Robbers
Google Maps being used by Robbers

Up until now, people have been using Google maps to rob people of their money through online transactions, but who knew burglars wouldn’t spare places of worship to rob as well! A piece of recent shocking news is that a gang of burglars looted temples that were located in deserted areas.

Eleven Temples Robbed

A gang of five burglars has been arrested for robbing money from temples with the help of Google Maps. This incident has happened in the remote areas of Mysuru and Chamarajanagar districts of Karnataka.

All these men, falling in the age group of 19-26, are not professional burglars but are from different professional backgrounds. This gang has stolen valuables of an atrocious amount – Rs. 2.9 lakh from 9 temples since September of last year.

The Burglars’ Modus Operandi

There was a similar pattern that was detected by the policies in all these burglaries. The temples where the burglaries occurred were all located in a remote place.

On interrogation, the gang revealed that they looked up the temples on the internet, on Google Maps specifically, and chose the ones located in isolated areas.

They also chose the time of burglaries which would be the safest – when there would be no festivals or religious ceremonies in the temples, to avoid foot fall.

Apparently, the gang came together especially to perform these burglaries. They burgled nine temples in Chamarajanagar and two in Mysuru in the last five months.

The men also collected information about the demography of the locality of the temples.

Special Team of Police for Investigation

A special investigation team was formed by the police to round up the culprits who burgled the temples.

As per reports, Dharmendra Kumar Meena, Superintendent of Police, Chamarajanagar,  said that they were getting many complaints of temple robberies with a similar modus operandi.

All the burgled temples were situated in the deserted areas of the district.

When the police searched for the location of the temples online, they came to the conclusion that the route information available on Google Maps was precise.

Google’s Use and Misuse

Recently, there has been an instance where a simple Google search led to people being robbed of their money by scamsters. Another shocking incident that surfaced was when 6 missed calls on the phone of an entrepreneur resulted in a loss of Rs. 1.86 crores!

Google sure has all the information needed for anyone for their use. But what about when this information is misused to rob temples, of all places?

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