Trakin Toons: An Indian Politician’s Promise…


A typical Indian Babu and his promises..

google maps and india kashmir wrong - who cares - neta politician speech - remote village - empty audience - no one cares - laxman

Author’s Disclaimer: The above cartoon is a mesh of 2 cartoons by Laxman. I could have drawn it myself but as a blue-blood software engineer by training, re-use is the mantra here. Hope ToI does not mind and am sure Laxman himself supports a liberal CC license. With that out of the way, everything that has India in the headline and a foreign agent sullying the name or borders of this great country is what feeds our fat netas. I will be surprised if such a speech as depicted is not being made in some panchayat elections as we speak to ignorant babus and clueless villagers.

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