Wipro Becomes 1st Indian Company To Allow Creation Of Employee Union In Europe: Will It Help IT Employees?

The IT giant Wipro has become the first software exporter in India to acted upon its employee representatives representing thousands of employees in Europe to make a union and form up a European Works Council or EWC.

Wipro Becomes 1st Indian Company To Allow Creation Of Employee Union In Europe: Will It Help IT Employees?

The company has entered into an agreement with its employee representatives to set up the EWC, making it the first Indian company to do so. 

The formation of a European Works Council has come after a request filed by employees under an EU directive with company employee representatives from 13 European companies including France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Germany. In all, there are over 30,000 employees working in Europe.

Employee Union Within Wipro

According to the IT giant, the EWC will be headed by elected or appointed employee representatives from the European Union as well as the European Economic Area, while the main sponsorship will continue to remain with the CEO of Wipro for Europe, along with a team of regional business heads.

Wipro Europe’s Senior vice president & CHRODeepak Parija said, “Setting up the EWC strengthens the already successful cooperation with employee representations in many European countries.

The EWC will help us in getting even better as we assimilate employee perspectives on a consistent basis. It also demonstrates that Wipro is applying and adopting European employment standards as a responsible global employer.”

Employees of Wipro in the European Union nations was made back in 2019. According to a regulatory requirement for companies working in Europe, they require to act upon the request of such a union formation made by employees within three years from the date of receiving such a request.

The company added that the first constitutional meeting of the European Works Council union will take place in the first quarter of FY 2024. At this meeting, the members of the council will be expected to elect desired chairman and committee members.

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