Finding Inner Peace And Soul Healing Is The Guiding Light

This is a Guest Blog written by Mr. Hitesh Chakraworty Spiritual Healer & Founder, ISSAR

Inner peace is about being in allowance of all there is and being content with everyday situations in life whether good or bad. Following this, we will be able to move ahead of mind’s territory and find our soul. Inner peace in true sense is calming the mind and listen to the unheard voices of our soul. 

Finding Inner Peace And Soul Healing Is The Guiding Light

Now the question comes how do we find inner peace. Actually, finding inner peace is very easy because thats the essence of our being. We are already in peace, however, because we think we are our mind which is true to some extent, we always live in the past or the future, that’s how our mind keeps us away from our being which is peace, contentment and celebration. We human beings are born to celebrate this life, play our role and then leave for another journey. But our mind deviates us from the very truth of life which is death. Death means another journey into another form of life. But we are never ready for another life, we want to achieve all materialstic pleasures in life and forget why we are here. This is why we are never in peace with our life. One can definitely achieve their inner peace by coming out this trap of mind. Some people might think then mind is our enemy which I hear from people quite often. However, mind is actually your ride and guide both which will take you to your soul and ultimately to that which is omnipresent. How do we achieve this then? By practicing Silence we can slowly find that we are becoming non reactive to our everyday problems of life. And as we keep practicing silence daily then we will find one day that we are more than our mind and we will be very peaceful within. This is a long journey ofcourse but it is possible. 

Let’s also understand what silence is and how can we practice it. Silence is that state of mind where it is fully present in the present moment and observing things or situations around us without being judgemental about them. Just being in the moment not dwelling in the past or future. You can practice silence anytime during the day or night as per your convenience. You just need to take out sometime alone in a room or in some quiet space, close your eyes and observe your thoughts. Just observe. In few days of practice, you will observe that the chattering of mind starts fading away and you will be cautious of your thoughts. Further as you go, you will become the observer of your own self and this further will make you non judgemental about situations or people in your life. You will start accepting people as they are and there will be so much love in your mind for living and non-living being around you. Practicing silence will bring you closer to Mother Nature. And this is where you will find the very essence of your being. Silence in its deepest sense is about achieving that state of mind where we do our karma without being judgemental about them. 

Now comes the other part of healing the soul. Well I hear this from many people that how do we heal our soul. Let get this correct once and for all, nobody can heal the soul because soul does not need any healing. In Sanatan, aatma is parmatma and parmatma is the only atma. When soul itself is the source of life then how come we can even think of healing the soul. What we can intent to heal is healing our mind by healing the traumas and giving away our expectations from others and life. We just need to remind ourselves each day that we are a temporary being in this planet and our time is short, so let’s just celebrate our time here. Mother nature brought us to this planet for celebrating this life. If you are feeling anxious about your life then give yourself a hug and remind yourself this too shall pass because nothing can be permanent. Embrace yourself with love and remind yourself that you came here for celebrating this life, and your inner peace will follow then. 

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