Air India Bans Grey Hair For Crew: Both Men & Women Ordered To Color Their Hair | Religious Threads Not Allowed

Air India has issued a new set of rules for its flight attendants and crew members regarding the way they groom themselves. 

Air India Bans Grey Hair For Crew: Both Men & Women Ordered To Color Their Hair | Religious Threads Not Allowed

This seems to be a step in Air India’s journey to becoming a world-class airline. 

Read on to find out what rules have been specified by the Tata Group for its staff!

Air India’s Guidelines For Crew Members

The airline has stated that the male crew must maintain a clean-shaven head/bald appearance if they have a severely receding hairline or balding areas. A crew cut is not acceptable, and the head must be shaven every day.

Whereas, female crew members have been instructed not to wear pearl earrings, and only round-shaped gold or diamond earrings (no pearl) without pattern or adornment will be permitted during work. The rules set out by Air India for its female employees also forbid high-top knots or low buns for the hair and only allow one bangle with no designs or stones.

Females also won’t be permitted to wear their hair in low buns or high top knots; utilizing only four black bobby pins; It is required for flying duties with both Indian-western and saree attire to wear sheer, skin-tone-matching calf-length stockings. Additionally, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, and hair shade cards must be carefully adhered to (personal shades are not permitted).

Hair Color, Religious Threads Not Allowed

Male and female crew members with grey hair are required, according to the airline, to regularly color it in a natural shade. Henna and fashion colors are not permitted, it added. Black or religious thread on the wrist, neck, or ankle, is not allowed.

Additionally, it appears that the standards cover the dos and don’ts for social media influencers. The personnel shouldn’t dress in their uniform and associated accessories when they are not working, according to Air India. 

As per a crew member, “Details such as hair color, or shaving the head, wearing tie-pins, these were never enforced. Enforcement will happen with the newer lot of flight attendants first.”

The earlier-issued grooming instructions include topics such as behavior (staff members are not permitted to carry plastic bags or shopping bags in public spaces), manners, etiquette, personal hygiene, how to handle uniforms, etc.

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