Fresher Forced To Work As Daily Labourer After Wipro Delays His Appointment: Freshers In Despair

Indian IT majors are known for conducting mass hirings and providing attractive internship programs. Today’s story revolves around the latter and brings in some candidates to support the instances.

Fresher Forced To Work As Daily Labourer After Wipro Cancels His Appointment: Freshers In Despair

There have been cases reported of candidates being offered a job by the Indian IT behemoth Wipro and after having attended a fixed period of unpaid internship programme conducted by the company to get a fixed position in the giant, they complete the program only to get rejected by the company.

According to a report published by Moneycontrol, one such candidate has brought his problem to light, stating that he received an offer letter by the company back in January, post which he did a two-month unpaid internship in a Wipro program called Velocity.

After working for two months in the programme, when the candidate asked Wipro about their joining details, the company replied stating that it was onboarding selected candidates in batches, depending on batches.

“I completed my B.Tech, and I now work as a daily-wage labourer at a construction site for Rs 300 per day. How is this fair?,” stated the candidate.

This is just one such case brought to light by the candidate. 

In different e-mails sent to candidates, the IT giant Wipro has said, “You’ll hear from us at least two months prior to your onboarding”.

The candidate in focus stated, “My family doesn’t trust me. I am the only son. When I told my family in January when I got the job, they were happy. Now they are questioning if the job ever existed. 

We will wait if they tell us when we will be onboarded. It doesn’t matter when it is, I just need a timeline. They don’t even tell us what month we will be onboarded,” cited the news agency.

Wipro is not the only IT giant in the country which has been reported to practise such behaviour.

Tech Mahindra has been reported to conduct similar activities. There are allegations that the company has hired candidates who just completed their graduations and is yet to send them joining letters even after as long as 2 years.

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