Football Icon Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes 1st Human Being To Have 500 Million Instagram Followers!

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo now has crossed 500 million followers on Instagram and is the first ever sportsperson to make such a record. 

Football Icon Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes 1st Human Being To Have 500 Million Instagram Followers!

One of the few sportsmen with the greatest salaries on Instagram is Ronaldo. Ronaldo is highly well-liked on social networking sites other than Instagram. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes First Person To Reach 500 Million Followers

On Twitter, he has more than 105 million followers, and on Facebook, he has more than 154 million. After Ronaldo, other players like Lionel Messi, Virat Kohli, Neymar, and Lebron James may all claim to have a sizable fan base on Instagram.

Now, Cristiano Ronaldo almost has twice as many followers as former India captain Virat Kohli. With 3.76 million Instagram followers, Argentine superstar Lionel Messi is second on the list of those with the most followers.

Selena Gomez and Dwayne The Rock Johnson are in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, while television star Kylie Jenner is in third place with 3.46 million followers. Seventh on the list with 2.03 million followers is Virat Kohli.

With over 557 million followers, Instagram’s official brand account on the platform has the most followers overall. With over 249 million followers, Nike’s brand account is the second most popular. 

On the platform, 35 profiles have more than 100 million followers. Of those, 19 have more than 200 million, 8 have more than 300 million, 0 have more than 400 million, and 2 have more than 500 million.

Financial Influencers On Instagram, Youtube Will Be Monitored & Governed By Govt

We recently reported that SEBI, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, is developing regulations to regulate the expanding number of financial influencers who offer advise on social media.

Numerous Indian online influencers have been known to provide financial and investment guidance despite not being qualified to do so. Such “influencers” have a negative impact, particularly in the case of recent startup listings.

Additionally, there have been cases where influencers were paid by businesses to boost their stock prices through advice. The main draw for such individuals is their capacity to translate complicated financial jargon into understandable terms.

However, SEBI mandated that financial advisors have to register themselves which lends credibility.

At present, there are about 1,300 registered investment advisors in India. The rise of financial influencers has been a challenge for SEBI. In FY22, there have been 415 instances of violations by influencers and celebrities in finance- and cryptocurrency-related content.

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