India’s 1st Ever Geared Electric Bike Launched! Bookings Will Open Soon For Matter Electric Bike With 4G

Today, all electric bikes in India come without any gears, right from Ola’s Ola electric to Bajaj’s Chetak. 

But there was not a single geared bike available in the electric bikes market till now. 

India's 1st Ever Geared Electric Bike Launched! Bookings Will Open Soon For Matter Electric Bike With 4G

Not anymore! Matter has launched a new electric bike in India that will come with a four speed gearbox.

Read on to find out all the details about this new geared electric bike!

India’s First Geared Electric Two Wheeler Launched by Matter

With a 5kWh liquid-cooled battery and a 14bhp liquid-cooled electric motor delivering an amazing 520Nm, Matter introduced its electric bike in India. Additionally, it has a four-speed transmission, making it the first electric bike in the nation to have one.

The aforementioned battery is made in India and can go for 125 to 150 km. It also is compatible with a fast charger and a standard 1kW slow charger. 

A four-speed sequential transmission is linked with the Matter bike’s 14bhp electric engine, which is a first for an electric bike in India. It generates an astounding 520Nm. 

Additionally, it receives a liquid cooling system that, according to Matter, will properly cool the motor. Besides, a dual cradle frame and front and rear disc brakes with ABS are included to enhance the bike’s handling characteristics.

Matter Bike: Specifications And Features

The bike is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen with Android and 4G connection. Important information such as riding modes, navigation, media controls, and incoming calls are all shown. 

Additionally, it includes a smartphone application that is attached to it that allows users to manage remote lock/unlock, geofencing, live position tracking, and vehicle health monitoring. Further, it receives a proximity-based key fob that supports keyless access.

Black, blue, red, and neon were the four colour possibilities for the bike when it was debuted. The motorbike stands out from the crowd thanks to the turn indicators, which are mounted on the front of the tank. 

The headlight housing’s three-dimensional design also appears unique. Additionally, the bike receives a 5-liter storage compartment where an ICE cycle’s gasoline tank would typically reside.

The bike’s pricing or launch date have not been disclosed by Matter Energy, but more information is likely to come out in the coming months.

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