MIUI 14 Is The Most Efficient Android-Based OS? Xiaomi Builds Up Hype With MIUI 14 Teasers

MIUI 14 claimed to be launched as a considerably more streamlined and less bloated OS than its predecessor, said Xiaomi executive who is responsible for the company’s smartphone software.

MIUI 14 Is The Most Efficient Android-Based OS? Xiaomi Builds Up Hype With MIUI 14 Teasers

MIUI 14 Launch 

While saying so, the executive teased that MIUI 14 will run more smoothly than MIUI 13 and have also finally revealed MIUI 14’s logo too.

Moving on, the smartphone brand has begun teasing MIUI 14 on Chinese social media. 

Though the smartphone firm has not made any formal announcement yet.

But, it seems to allow its executives to discuss the upcoming OS on platforms like Weibo. 

MIUI 14 Streamlined and Lightweight 

According to the screenshots, Xiaomi is attempting to frame MIUI 14 as the responsive version of its smartphone and tablet OS.

 Interestingly, the company manager Jin Fan goes as far as to claim that the update is more streamlined and lightweight than any other Android offshoot.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the MIUI team has spent this year removing bloat from MIUI, as it comes with plenty of pre-installed first and third-party apps and services. 

It is possible to install many of these that Xiaomi includes within MIUI 13 presently.

It is noteworthy here that there are differences between the ROMs that Xiaomi distributes in China and in other markets, including Europe and India. 

So it is going to be interesting  whether Fan is referring to all versions of MIUI or just MIUI 14 that Xiaomi intends to release in China.

As we know, Xiaomi has promoted older MIUI editions on these terms. 

Just a year ago, Xiaomi promised  that MIUI 12.5 would be ‘faster and smoother’ than MIUI 12.

So, feel free to take official claims about MIUI 14 with a healthy amount of skepticism for the time being. 

Moving ahead, MIUI 14 is expected to debut in the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro.

They are expected to be launched next month in China. 

Moreover, MIUI 14 should be available with Android 12 and Android 13 running underneath, based on past MIUI releases.

 A global rollout may not commence until early 2023, though.

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