Pay Rs 719/Month & Get Twitter Blue Tick Without Any Verification In India?

Currently the update is only available on iPhones.

Twitter has started rolling out its ‘Blue’ service, a paid subscription to Twitter which includes a “verification” tag among other perks.


India price

Although the service costs $8 in the US, the price is likely to be higher in India, costing Rs 719 a month.

Some users in India today said that they received a prompt asking them to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Only for iOS, why?

Currently the update is only available on iPhones.

One possible reason iOS users get it first is that Musk fired the entire Android app developer team.


The most talked about feature, the ‘blue tick’ will be offered to anyone who pays for the subscription, meaning there will be no requirement for verification to look legitimate.

New owner Elon Musk said that subscribers would get priority in reach and display on Twitter.

Just like other half-thought out plans of the “maverick” the new service hasn’t gone down well with users. 

Field day for playful hijinks

Taking to Twitter to mock the idea, several people signed up, got the blue tick, and then replaced their name with that of someone famous. 

For instance, someone set up a Nintendo account with Mario flipping off users, there was a fake account belonging to Valve the gaming company, another fake one for LeBron James, and even a fake Donald Trump account

The warning we should’ve gotten earlier

All such accounts stayed up for a while but were eventually suspended.

As a foreboding tweet from Musk goes, “Please note that Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months. We will keep what works & change what doesn’t. ”

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