These Powerful Companies Have Stopped All Advertisements On Twitter: Audi, General Mills & More

Ever since the world’s richest man Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of space company SpaceX and the EV major Tesla Inc, has taken over the US-based social networking company Twitter, there has been news and viewpoints fired all over the internet.

These Powerful Companies Have Stopped All Advertisements On Twitter: Audi, General Mills & More

The news and everything have been really there since Musk began considering the acquisition of the micro-blogging platform earlier this year.

Another big development that has happened since the billionaire took over the social networking giant last month is the insane firing going on in the company over the past few weeks.

Under Elon Musk’s management, not just mid-level or early employees of Twitter but even the top management executives of the company are being fired. Few days back, the headlines all over the internet was the CEO of the company Parag Agarwal getting fired along with other board members and top executives.

Musk has been preaching and trying tio bring more focus to restoration of ‘free speech’ on Twitter making the agenda widespread on the platform. He has also put up a charge of $8/month for the blue tick profile.

The new Twitter CEO has blamed the drop on pressure from activists for the slump down in ad spending on the platform, and believes that by taking steps as adverse as these, he can make Twitter a ‘free-for-all hellscape’ platform.

However, many companies and celebrities have voiced their concerns regarding this and have decided to either quit the social networking platform or paused their advertisements on it.

Some companies that have decided to discontinue their advertisements on Twitter for now include:

  • Audi
  • General Motors Co
  • Lamborghini
  • Bentley
  • Porsche
  • Carlsberg Group
  • Volkswagen
  • General Mills
  • Mondelez International
  • Pfizer
  • REI
  • Interpublic Group

“At this moment, we cannot confidently state that Twitter is a safe place for brands,” said the leading advertising company Interpublic Group, as per The Wall Street Journal.

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