Elon Musk’s Tesla Reports Two More Car Crashes Involving Driver Assistance Systems

Amid the ongoing commotion around the microblogging site Twitter, reports of the new owner of the social networking giant, Elon Musk is now coming up in another of his brainchild companies, the electric vehicles manufacturing major Tesla Inc.

Elon Musk's Tesla Reports Two More Car Crashes Involving Driver Assistance Systems

Recent reports have cited that until Oct 15 last month, there were two new car crash fatalities involving the EV automobile’s advanced driver assistance systems.

As per recent data released by the US government, there have been 2 new fatalities/crashes reported in the Model 3 cars related to the advanced driver assistance systems in the month that ended on Oct 15, cited a Reuters report.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is a federal agency under the US government issued last year in 2021, which required tech companies and auto companies to report all the crashes involved using advanced driver assistance systems, acronymed as ADAS on an immediate basis.

Such companies were also directed to report cases tied to their vehicles having automated driving systems tested on public roads.

The federal agency makes use of these submitted data by automakers to investigate car crash cases and reports.

“NHTSA has reviewed these crashes and is conducting appropriate follow-up. NHTSA uses many data sources in its enforcement processes,” the agency said on Tuesday while releasing the car crash figures for the month ending on Oct 15.

The agency started to release these data provided by automakers that involved car crashes linked to Tesla’s driver assistance systems like the ‘Tesla Autopilot’.

It stated that of the 18 deadly crashes reported on its platform related to driver assistance systems since July 2021, almost all of them involved Tesla vehicles.

However, Reuters adds that Tesla has not responded its query yet.

Besides, NHTSA has opened 38 special investigation cases of car crashes since 2016 that specifically involved Tesla vehicles, with suspections of ADAS like Autopilot being used.

According to the findings of the testing, a solid number of 19 fatalities were caused led to Tesla-related investigations.

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