5 Women Entrepreneurs Pursuing Unique Streams & Carving A Niche For Themselves

Entrepreneurship has predominantly been studied and explained from an economic standpoint. Additionally, the normalisation of a gender-blind perspective has contributed to the interpretation of entrepreneurship in masculine terms and correlating it with male characteristics such as risk-taking, aggression, and competitiveness.

5 Women Entrepreneurs Pursuing Unique Streams & Carving A Niche For Themselves

However, women today, on the other hand, have demonstrated themselves in all sectors, including those monopolised by men, by overcoming serious challenges caused by gender-based and other social biases and cultural constructs. We’ve compiled a list of four female entrepreneurs who are pursuing unique paths and doing remarkable things by contributing dynamically to the advancement of society and taking India by storm.

Harini Ramachandran

Harini Ramachandran, also known as ‘Singer Megha’ in the film industry, is a recognised playback singer who has collaborated with many notable music directors, including Academy Award winner A. R. Rahman. She has sung over 75 songs and over 200 commercial jingles in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Oriya. She is the Co-Founder of Antano & Harini, the world’s largest one-on-one mentoring platform, with over 50,000 breakthroughs to date. Excellence Installations Technology (EIT), developed by Antano and Harini, identifies and enhances the Core Capabilities required to Launch a Legacy.  “Launch Your Legacy” is the brand’s flagship offering, which equips a person to launch a legacy in three years that would otherwise take 10-20 years. In addition, her vision is to use the technology of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and its applications to empower underprivileged children. Through her work, she helps several tone-deaf, rhythm-deaf people sing soulfully.

Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta is the Co-Founder of Menstrupedia, and her significant proposal has helped thousands of girls learn about periods, which even today is shrouded in secrecy in India. Aditi had her first period when she was 12 years old. Even at that young age, she was pushed to sleep in a separate area of her house, rinse her clothes separately, and was not permitted to engage in any ritual when she had her period. Exhausted of the myths and half-truths surrounding menstruation, she set out to correct things with her  Hindi comic book Menstrupedia, which she co-created with her husband Tuhin Patel in 2012. The purpose of the comic was to raise the public’s understanding of menstruation and hygiene. Within two years of Menstrupedia’s launch, Aditi was named to the Forbes 20 under 20 list for her outstanding work in breaking down menstrual taboos in India. The book is taught in more than 30 schools across India and by now Menstrupedia has educated over 100,000 girls and trained 10,000+ educators to disseminate information about puberty, menstruation, and hygiene

Adetee Agarwaal

Earlier a SAP ABAP Consultant, and Software Engineer, Adetee Agarwaal quit her job to launch PinkAprons, a platform to empower women home chefs, and transform them into food entrepreneurs in 5 minutes. With PinkAprons, Adetee is triggering a home-cooked food revolution, and empowering foodies to seamlessly order genuine, and authentic home made food from thousands of home chefs. As of now, PinkAprons is serving in Pune, and have already become one of the biggest platforms for ordering home cooked food. In a span of two years, PinkAprons have successfully delivered 50,000 orders, and convinced 50,000 users to join their platform. More than 1000 home chefs from Pune have already joined PinkAprons, and selling their home made food to a vast audience.

Kajal Malik

Kajal Malik is the Co-Founder and CSO of PickMyWork. In 2012, Kajal completed her B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra. In 2013, she went on to pursue her MBA – Marketing and Strategy from FMS- Delhi University. Right out of college, Kajal joined Samsung R&D, Noida as a Software Engineer and also worked as a Sales Manager for Mahindra Holidays where she was awarded, CSO (Chief Sales Officer) Club – R&R for commendable business contribution. However, Kajal’s upbringing in a defence family has instituted a vigorous passion in her and she was keen to make a visible change in society. So she along with her two other friends Vidyarthi Badireddy, and Utsav Bhattacharjee, launched PickMyWork in 2019. PickMyWork is India’s largest gig platform which helps Internet Companies acquire customers using a digitally equipped distributor network at a low CAC. PickMyWork’s user-friendly platform is easily accessible via smartphone, and interested candidates can sign up, complete sales gigs, and earn commissions. PickMyWork was recently chosen as one of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University’s Emergent Ventures grantees during the Covid-19 outbreak for the uniqueness of its business model and potential applications of its technology to a variety of use cases.

Sujata Pawar

Sujata Pawar is the Co-founder and CEO of Avni which is a feminine care & menstrual hygiene brand inspired by Nature, GrandMoms and Ayurveda to provide toxin-free, functional menstrual care products for women as per their flow, body type and comfort. Sujata’s mission is to offer organic-based menstrual products in response to the current commercial brands’ offerings that capitalise on women’s bodies and the environment. Avni’s products for instance Antimicrobial Avni Cloth pads are designed to be effective and low-maintenance, particularly for rural women. The antimicrobial feature helps to prevent bacterial infections and the product requires very little water and regular soap to wash, which can be done while other clothes are being washed. Sujata has also been conducting informative sessions, particularly in rural India, under the DAAG project, in which she collaborates with local NGOs for their support, to promote conscious environmentally friendly menstrual products. Moreover, she devotes 8% of Avni’s profit to uplifting women and girls through education and donating high-quality menstrual products.

Each of them has overcome challenges and made a name for themselves in their respective fields. Each of their journeys serves as an inspiration for young women to break the structural barriers and push their boundaries. We hope that after reading about their journeys and accomplishments, you will feel more empowered and prepared to achieve your own.

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