Work From Home Ends For All Employees In This Country: 100% Work From Office Now

Omicron is also causing fewer cases of severe illness than the previous variants. 

Switzerland’s Federal Council announced that it will ease restrictions such as having people work from home on 2 February.


Situation Under Control

It will also lift restrictions requiring people to quarantine after contact with an infected person, among others.

Further decisions will be made on 16 February.

The government said that it has observed a positive development in hospitalisations despite record high infection figures. 

Vaccination Coverage And Immunity

Hospitals are not under threat of being overburdened and intensive care units occupancy has continued to fall.

This is likely due to widespread vaccination and recovery, giving the community a high level of immunity.

About 70% of the population have been vaccinated at least once, 68% have received both doses and over 39% have received booster shots.

Soon To Enter Endemic Phase

Omicron is also causing fewer cases of severe illness than the previous variants. 

The country may soon enter the endemic phase given increasing signs that the acute crisis will soon be over.

The Federal Council has therefore decided to once again ease measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The work from home and quarantine requirement has been lifted with immediate effect.

It will hold consultations on taking further steps to ease the remaining measures.

Work From Home Lifted

The order to work from home where possible is now downgraded to a recommendation.

Employers will still have to ensure protection of their employees from infection in the workplace.

The requirement to wear masks in the workplace remains.

Quarantine After Contact Requirement

Having to quarantine following contact with someone who is infected will no longer be a requirement. 

The Council had earlier shortened the duration of contact quarantine on 12 January, limiting it to people living in the same household.

But this is no longer useful since infection figures are high anyways.

Those who have tested positive will still have to self isolate in order to prevent highly infectious people from infecting others.

Other Restrictions Remain

The Federal Council maintains that everyone will still have to remain cautious and not get complacent.

To that end, other existing measures will continue.

These include Covid certificate requirements for restaurants, events and leisure and cultural venues.

Masks will have to be worn on public transport, in shops and all other public indoor settings.

Restrictions on private gatherings and a permit requirement for large-scale events remain in place.

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