World’s Dumbest Attempt To Scam An Online Store: Story Of Fraud Gone Wrong!

A woman claimed that her order was not received by her and provided a proof for the same, however she was left red faced when her lie was caught in the same photo that she provided as proof.

The lady complained that she had ordered an 18-carat gold-plated signet ring from them however she did not receive it. She said that she wanted a refund for the same.

However, the business owner could easily spot that she was lying from the photo that the lady provided.

What The Owner Had To Say

Amani Zubair, 20, owner of Tresor, closely inspected the complaint email she received from the customer. 

“This customer had ordered a two-faced signet ring and we received an email from her saying ‘I’ve received empty packaging’. We thought ‘we wouldn’t do that. That’s not a mistake we’d make, especially if there was only one thing in the order’,” Amani was quoted as saying by Mirror.

She added, “We thought it might have fallen out, so we asked her to show us the packaging. We received a picture of her hand holding the packaging bag.”

She was shocked when she spotted the ring by her jewellery brand on the customer’s right index finger. “It was one of our designs so we knew it was ours,” she said.

When Amani pointed out that the “missing” ring was on the customer’s finger, she was blocked!

The business owner continued, “I think she was trying to get a free ring out of us. It happened in November but we still laugh about it now. We laughed at the fact that it happened because we were so shocked.”

Amani claimed that people have previously pretended to be customers with lost items, despite never making an order.

“Sometimes we do get stuff wrong, because we’re only human, but we have noticed a lot of people trying to get a refund or a free ring sent out,” she said.

Social Media Reaction

Amani posted a video about the incident on TikTok which has gone viral. One user said, “If you’re gonna lie and try to be a thief, at least put some effort in.” Another wrote, “Girl couldn’t even take the ring off before attempting a scam.”

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