Indian Railways Allows Food To Be Cooked Inside Trains! No Special Fares For Trains Now

Indian Railways Allows Food To Be Cooked Inside Trains! No Special Fares For Trains Now
Indian Railways Allows Food To Be Cooked Inside Trains! No Special Fares For Trains Now

The Indian Railways has now done away with the rule that food will not be offered to passengers. 

The Covid related protocol was being followed by the national transporter under which cooked food services had been suspended for all journeys. 

In addition to that Indian Railways has also announced that they will be reverting to the pre-pandemic ticket prices immediately.

Indian Railways To Resume Cooked Food Services For Long Journeys Too

If you are a passenger for a long journey, you will find that it is difficult for cooked food to maintain its quality for a longer span. Adding to that was the Covid pandemic and the Indian Railways rule of not providing cooked food.

However, to the relief of long-distance passengers, the Indian Railways had decided to do away with this and will resume offering cooked food services. 

A letter has been issued to the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) wherein the railway board has said that as the train services are being normalised and Covid restrictions are being relaxed in restaurants and eateries throughout the country, cooked meals will be offered again on trains. 

The letter has also stated that the service of ready to eat meals will also be continued.

Recently, the national transporter also discontinued the “special” tag for mail and express trains and resumed the pre-pandemic ticket prices as well.

Indian Railways Resumes Pre-pandemic Ticket Prices

The Indian Railways started out with services of long-distance trains and then resumed short-distance passenger services, and they were tagged as special trains with “slightly higher fares” to “discourage people from avoidable travels”.

The number of passengers had increased in COVID cases and there also were demands for the national transporter to return to pre-COVID ticket prices. However, the prices of the tickets of special trains and holiday special trains are considerably higher.

Recently, we reported that the Railway Board has decided to reinstate the number, rate, and category of regular timetabled trains that are now operating as Mail/Express Special and Holiday Special owing to the Covid-19 epidemic, according to a circular published by the ministry.

There also has been news that 1700 such trains will be changed from ‘special’ and will see a reduction in fares in the coming days. The railways has also informed that the second class of such trains will continue to run as reserved except for any relaxation permitted in a special case.

For advanced bookings, no difference of fare either is to be collected by Railways or any refund shall be permitted.

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