This IT Company Will Install CCTVs At Homes Of 2.4 Lakh WFH Employees! Is This Fair?

This IT Company Will Install CCTVs At Homes Of 2.4 Lakh WFH Employees! Is This Fair?
This IT Company Will Install CCTVs At Homes Of 2.4 Lakh WFH Employees! Is This Fair?

With the ongoing pandemic-induced lockdown and restricted human interaction, work from home is the new normal for working people. 

Nowadays, employers like to monitor the performance of their employees with the help of data entry applications and tools that are limited to office space.

So far, only the professional side of an employee can be monitored for performance analysis.

This would eventually help in determine things like bonuses, appraisals, and promotions.

But now, it seems like many organizations are drifting from the standard path to see how their employees are performing.

Teleperformance  Pressured Employees For The Installation Of Cameras

The has happened with employees of one of the biggest call centers in the world.

The employees of this company have expressed outrage after being told to install cameras in their homes to monitor their work performance.

As per the contract issued in March, Teleperformance sought to install AI-powered cameras in employees’ homes or on their computers.

Reportedly, the company pressured the workers to get cameras installed in their private spaces.

The service provider also wanted to monitor them via voice analytics and storage data collected from family members.

Outraged Employees

As expected, the proposed move has left many outraged in the company, which hires more than 3,80,000 workers globally.

The story doesn’t end here as Teleperformance attempted to pressure staff to sign the contract, as per the report.

The employees who work for the company from Bogota mentioned that the signing of the contract meant constant monitoring of what employees are doing at home. 

Voice Of The Employees

One of the employees said, “I think it’s really bad. We don’t work in an office. I work in my bedroom. I don’t want to have a camera in my bedroom,”.

Further explaining, the female employee said that she had signed an 8-page addendum to the existing contract out of fear of losing her job.

She informed that the camera for performance monitoring has not been installed yet but the contract mentions it.

Pouring more light on the subject, NBC News journalist Olivia Solon had tweeted on August 8 “Uber was the only company to tell me it requested additional monitoring for home workers. Both Apple & Amazon said they did not require this monitoring. Teleperformance said it hadn’t yet rolled it out but was futureproofing its employee data policies.”

In a statement, Teleperformance noted that 2,40,000 of their approximately 3,80,000 employees now work from home with the help of software named TP Cloud Campus that allows remote work in more than 19 markets.

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