Work From Home Can Cause Permanent Damage To Spinal Cord: Medical Experts

Such a situation is very much preventable.

Doctors have reported that they are seeing a surge of patients suffering from back pain.

These people are aged between 20-40.


From Back Pain To Operation Table

In a real life example, an architect who was working from home was experiencing back ache. 

They initially took it casually and used some quick home remedies such as pain killers, sprays and hot water bags to treat it.

Eventually, a year later, they had to undergo an operation to correct two spinal cord discs that had dried up.

This is still not an extreme case since it could have been a lot worse- they could have been disabled for life.

How Working From Home Can Be Detrimental To The Spinal Cord

Medical experts say that these ailments can be caused by strain put on the body while working from home.

Such a situation is very much preventable.

When working from home, one is susceptible to lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, and incorrect postures.

When sitting for hours on end typing away on computers, spinal cord discs are put under pressure.

These discs are critical for mobility.

Since the new work model allows one to stay put instead of having to move around, the human body does not get the sufficient amount of mobility it needs.

This causes the discs to be pressurised and suppressed.

Add poor nutrition and low hydration levels to the mix and you get spinal cord discs which are weak and dehydrated.

Doctors have said that this damage dealt to the spinal cord can, in some cases, become irreversible.

Doctors’ Advice

They have advised those experiencing back pain for over a week to consult a doctor right away instead of postponing the same which could exacerbate the issue.

They have recommended that those working remotely change their working positions every few hours and to keep consuming water along with paying greater attention to their diet.

For example, one can shift from the bed to the dining table after 2 hours, and then move again to the living room.

One should never skip their meals and keep drinking water regularly to ensure functioning of tissues in the body.

If scheduling meals is becoming a problem, one can prepare lunch boxes as they would do when going to offices. 

Little Things One Can Do

One can also keep 2-3 litres of water-filled bottles nearby as a background reminder to stay hydrated.

One should also set aside a few minutes to take a small walk, say, after every 45 minutes to one hour.

This walk can be as simple as going to the kitchen to drink water, or pacing around the room when taking calls. 

Ultimately, health is not something one should take for granted just because we are trying to adjust to new conventions.

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