Indian Railways Cancels These 40 Trains Due To Covid-19; But 1514 Special Trains Running Daily (Full List)

Indian Railways Cancels These 40 Trains Due To Covid-19; But 1514 Special Trains Running Daily (Full List)
Indian Railways Cancels These 40 Trains Due To Covid-19; But 1514 Special Trains Running Daily (Full List)

The Northern Railways decided to cancel 20 trains on Friday, including the Pune-Delhi Duronto and the Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi Express. 

The Agra Cantt-New Delhi Special will be cancelled from May 2 until further notice; the New Delhi-Amritsar Junction Shatabdi Special will be cancelled on May 1 and 2, and the Pune Junction-Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Special will be cancelled on May 3 and 4.

The South Central Railway (SCR) had also announced earlier this week that it had cancelled up to ten trains scheduled to operate between April 28 and June 1. 

Here’s The Full List Of Cancelled Trains Released By The Northern Railway:

1. 04211 Agra Cantt-New Delhi Special

2. 04212 New Delhi- Agra Cantt Special

3. 12049/12050 JhansiJn-Hazrat Nizamuddin-Jhansi Jn. Gatimaan Express Special

4. 02013 New Delhi-Amritsar Jn.Shatabdi Special

5. 02014 Amritsar Jn- New Delhi Shatabdi Special

6. 02046/02045 Chandigarh-New Delhi- Chandigarh Shatabdi Special

7. 04527/04528 Kalka-Shimla-Kalka shivalik Deluxe Special

8. 02264 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Pune Jn.Duronto Special

9. 02263 Pune Jn- Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Special

10. 05043 Lucknow NE-Kathgodam Special

11. 05044 Kathgodam-Lucknow NE Special

12. 02091/02092 Dehradun-Kathgodam- Dehradun Jan Shatabdi Special

13. 05059/05060 Lal kuan-Anand Vihar(T.)-Lal kuan Special

14. 05069 Gorakhpur Jn.-Aishbagh Special

15. 05070 Aishbagh- Gorakhpur Jn Special

16. 05331/05332 Kathgodam-Moradabad-Kathgodam Special

17. 05353/05354 Moradabad-Kashipur- Moradabad Special

18. 05333/05334 Ramnagar-Moradabad-Ramnagar Special

19. 02155 Habibganj-Hazrat Nizamuddin Special

20. 02156 Hazrat Nizamuddin- Habibganj Special

Earlier this week, the South Central Railway (SCR) had also announced that it has cancelled as many as 10 trains scheduled to run between April 28 and June 1. 

The Cancelled Services Were:

1. Narsapur to Nidadavolu (07241)

2. Nidadavolu to Narsapur (07242)

3. Secunderabad to Bidar (07010)\

4. Bidar to Hyderabad (07009)

5. Secunderabad to Kurnool City (07027)

6. Kurnool City to Secunderabad (07028)

7. Mysore to Renigunta (01065)

8. Renigunta to Mysore (01066)

9. Secunderabad to Mumbai LTT (02235)

10. Mumbai LTT to Secunderabad (02236)

The railways wanted to add 674 additional services to high-demand destinations such as Gorakhpur, Patna, Muzaffarpur, Varanasi, Guwahati, Allahabad, and Bokaro between April and May.

Although the railways claim that the country’s coronavirus pandemic has not increased passenger traffic but the ground reports say completely different. It indicates that the number of migrant workers leaving cities for their home states has increased.

Currently, the national transporter operates 1,514 special trains and 5,387 suburban services every day on average. It has also put 28 special trains into operation as copies of famous trains, totalling 984 passenger services.

 “Despite COVID, trains will continue to run. Wherever there is demand, we are increasing services. We can rationalise service where demand is less. Over 70 per cent of the trains are currently in operation,” Railway Board Chairman Suneet Sharma said.

Central Railway is running 143 trains (377 trips), Western Railway is running 154 trains (212 trips), Northern Railway is running 27 trains (27 trips), East Central Railway is running two trains (four trips), North Eastern Railway is running nine trains (14 trips), North Central Railway is running one train (10 trips), and South Western Railway is running three trains (10 trips) (30 trips).

There are 101 additional trains from the Mumbai area and 21 from the Delhi area among the 330 total.

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