Railways’ New Vistadome Coaches Will Run At 180kmph In These Scenic Routes (Top Features)

Railways' New Vistadome Coaches Will Run At 180kmph In These Scenic Routes (Top Features)
Railways’ New Vistadome Coaches Will Run At 180kmph In These Scenic Routes (Top Features)

The coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways, Integral Coach Factory(ICF) which is located in Chennai has successfully completed the speed trials of the new design Vistadome tourist coaches.


Vistadome Tourist Coach Successful Trial

Reportedly, the newly designed Vistadome tourist coach manufactured by ICF has successfully completed a 180kmph oscillation trial. 

Prior to this, the squeeze test is also completed for the above coaches in ICF in the current month.

The Vistadome coaches are mainly known for large glass windows, glass roof, observation lounge and rotatable seats.

Scenic View Through Vistadome Tourist Coach

With all the features, these couches offer the experience of breathtakingly beautiful locations and sites en route the journey.

In addition to that, the Vistadome tourist coach is also decked up with a larger viewing area including rooftop glasses with 44 seats for passengers with rotation up to180 degrees to face the direction of train movement.

The coach is also laced with a Wi-Fi-based Passenger information system.

These coaches are not only beautiful but secure too, since for security, the BG Vistadome coaches manufactured in Integral Coach Factory / Chennai have glass windows of laminated glass sheets that will not shatter.

Vistadome Tourist Coach Availability

In terms of availability, these Vistadome coaches will be made available only at tourist locations where passengers want to enjoy sightseeing.

These Vistadome coaches operated by the Indian Railways are available on some of the routes available below.

  • Dadar and Madgaon
  • Araku Valley
  • Kashmir Valley
  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
  • Kalka Shimla Railway
  • Kangra Valley Railway
  • Matheran Hill Railway
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Outstanding Achievements By ICF

In the meantime, ICF has turned out 9 (nine) rakes of state-of-the-art 3 phase – MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit) trains in December.

So far, this is the highest ever outturn of MEMU rakes in a month by any production unit of Indian Railways.

In addition to that, ICF has also played a major role in the fabrication of the first integrated sell-by Marathwada Rail Coach Factory at Latur, Maharashtra, according to sources.

During that time, ICF played a major role by assisting the fabrication of the first coach integrated shell body at the recently set up Marathwada Rail coach factory at Latur in December 2020, in turn marking the commissioning of the factory.

On top of that, the integration of the coach body shell has been achieved in just 8 days, which is a record of sorts.

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