New Perks For Work From Home Employees: Online Concerts, Standup Comedy, Wellness Program

IT companies are providing attractive employee perks during work from home period.
IT companies are providing attractive employee perks during work from home period.

With over 8 months into the Covid-19 induced pandemic, the ‘Work from Home’ model has become a flavor of the season.

We have incessantly been covering relaxations and compensations given by different organizations to their employees, in order to ensure a healthy mind and body for them.

With the economy reviving and businesses gaining momentum, many IT and tech companies have rolled out handsome salary hikes and incentives to their employees, starting from October before Diwali.

Additionally, businesses from every sector, especially the IT have realised that the remote working model is here to stay, even post the pandemic era.

Thus, they have started investing more on keeping their employees happy through virtual means, by providing them with interesting perks.

An Overview of All Virtual Perks Being Given to Employees

Many tech companies like TCS and Infosys have indulged into conducting attractive sessions for their employees, like online music concerts, stand-up comedy sessions, online leisure and wellness initiatives.

They are also conducting motivationals talks by inspirational leaders and mental health experts, as a part of employee perks.

Pre-covid, tech companies had a tag of providing amenities like fully furnished gyms, sports areas, beer bashes, organic meals and other perks to their employees.

This was done with an aim to lure and keep their employees happy and improve productivity and efficiency levels so that everything could be easily available in workplaces.

However, since work from home has started, companies are trying their best to get their techies motivated and focussed.

TCS’ #OneTCS Channel

On July 2, TCS conducted a concert starring Jonita Gandhi on its #OneTCS channel.

“Our OneTCS channel has hosted inspirational leaders, mental health experts, virtual town halls and global talent hunt competitions, all designed to reduce stress and the feeling of isolation, and to boost morale”, says Milind Lakkad, Global Head, Human Resources.

Self-help and counselling services were availed by nearly 8,000 TCS employees in Q2.

Infosys Conducting VR Sessions for New Joinees

Infosys is using virtual reality (VR) technology for interacting its new joinees with their colleagues.

“We have sessions where teams can get together to maintain a fitness schedule; we provide virtual rooms for collaborative meetings and have substantially increased online leisure and wellness options”, says Richard Lobo, Executive Vice President, Head HR, Infosys.

LTI 5-5-5 Initiative

Larsen and Toubro Infotech has come up with an interesting 5-5-5 initiative, under which it connects its leaders with 5 employees, at 5pm on the 5th day of the week, Friday.

They discuss non-work related issues, where organization leaders provide support and guidance for the same.

“Companies are regularly conducting motivation or stand-up comedy sessions to help people relax”, says Ravish Agrawal, cofounder and CEO, Able Jobs.

Source: Business Line

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