Train Tickets Will Be Costly Now Due To ‘User Fees’ For These 1000 Railway Stations

Train Tickets Will Be Costly Now Due To ‘User Fees’ For These 1000 Railway Stations
Train Tickets Will Be Costly Now Due To ‘User Fees’ For These 1000 Railway Stations

When Railways had declared last year that Railway Stations will become like airports, we had assumed that they meant facilities, and the services being provided.

But no. It also meant the price of using those railway station will be charged from the passengers.

Just like every air passenger pays airport development fees on every air ticket, Indian Railways will now charge a user fees for using 1000+ railway stations.

How will this work out?

User Fees For Railway Stastions: Tickets Will Become Costly Now 

Newly appointed Railway Board CEO VK Yadav has declared that rail passengers will be now charged with user fees for using railway stations.

This is similar to airport development fees being charged by airlines and airports in every air ticket.

As per Yadav, this user fees will eventually consumed in improving the services at the railway stations, but will be charged prior to any work being completed.

Sort of pre-paid charges for future development, which may or may not happen.

He said, “When the redevelopment of the stations gets completed, the money will go to the concessionaires; till then that money will go to the railways for improving facilities across stations. It will be an affordable amount, but it is important to levy if we want to provide world-class facilities similar to the airport developments. We want to upgrade all our major railway stations,”

How Will This User Fees Work Out?

Indian Railways has identified around 10%-15% of the 7000 railway stations, where this user fees will be charged.

Incase any passenger books any ticket to and from these 1000 railway stations, a new user fees will be added in the train ticket.

The exact user fees has not been finalized yet, but as per Yadav, it will be less.

He said, “We are going to keep a very small amount for the user charge,”

These 10-15% railway stations will be the one where Indian Railways receive maximum traffic, and most of the footfalls.

Interestingly, Indian Railways had earlier announced that a public-private partnership will be forged to redevelop railway stations. 

But now, it’s the rail passengers which are being charged extra for developing railway stations, something which the Govt should have done from their own.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in, 

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