HCL Slapped With Lawsuit For Stealing Patented Technology From This US Firm

The IT major, HCL Technologies‘ US subsidiary has been accused of patent infringement over one of its software products by an American company as per the reports.

How Did This Happen?

The US subsidiary of software exporter HCL Technologies is facing a patent infringement claim related to its meetings platform HCL Sametime.

As per the court documents, HCL America is due to respond to the lawsuit filed by a Texas-based company, Coretek Licensing, by 28 September.

Further,  the legal arm of Coretek Services, Coretek Licensing, alleged that HCL Sametime infringed on its patent and filed the case in the southern district court of New York in the latter part of June.

HCL Sametime is an instant messaging and online communication platform with audio, video and data sharing, according to HCL’s official website.

What To Expect In The Future?

Three of the four patents held by it are related to wireless communications and while one is related to phone service over the Internet or the Voice Over Internet Protocol, as per the Coretek’s petition.

Coretek has alleged that HCL Sametime infringes upon at least one or multiple claims in these four patents.

According to Coretek, HCL Sametime enables wireless devices (like smartphones) to initiate network connections without using a user’s home location details as the company claims in their patent, similar to the claims in four patents held by it.

Further, Coretek has sought a jury trial with addition to an accounting of all alleged “infringed sales” and damages.

The patent ‘claim’ refers to the features of the patented invention and the exclusive right to those features in legal parlance.

What Does The Expert Say?

HCL America’s intellectual property compliance team would have to prove that the company’s product was different from the patent claims, said Salman Waris, a partner at technology law firm TechLegis Advocates & Solicitors.

Waris said, “the company has to prove that it has developed another method to enable a wireless device connection without using an operator’s home location register,”.

So far, HCL did not respond to any queries on the subject of the lawsuit.

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