CoWorking Witness Massive Demand In Post Covid India; This Pune Startup Launches 5th Centre To Meet Demand!

Pratik Potnis & Tejasa Potnis, Directors of TRIOS CoWorking In Pune
Pratik Potnis & Tejasa Potnis, Directors of TRIOS CoWorking In Pune

As Indian economy is slowly getting back to a ‘new normal’ following the Covid-19 outbreak, each industry is re-inventing its business model to adapt to a post Covid -19 era.

Where many companies are laying more emphasis on remote working arrangements, de-densifying office or cost optimization, Coworking spaces are coming in as White knights for the companies.

TRIOS Launching Their 5th CoWorking Centre Due To Demand!

“We foresee increased demand in Coworking space in coming months”, said Pratik Potnis, Founder and Director of TRIOS.

TRIOS has four co-working centres in Pune and are coming up with fifth centre amid Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have started witnessing fresh demand after disruption due to Covid-19 pandemic. This demand is going to increase in couple of months and to grab this opportunity we are expanding as fast as we can. We have already started building fifth centre in Viman nagar and are working on different working models which include acquiring recently vacated fully furnished offices as well.”

New Innovations For Hygiene, Safety

The coworking spaces are leaving no stone unturned to make sure the clients feel safe once they start working in office.

Tejasa Potnis, CEO of TRIOS said “Many companies are considering the option of leasing smaller space and that’s a good news for Coworking spaces. Apart from keeping the offices clean and sanitized as per new standards we have more cabin structures which give more safety and physical distancing compared to open spaces. We create safe work places in sync with needs of a post Covid-19 world.  One more reason for companies to opt for Coworking spaces is flexibility to expand or downsize as per the requirement. Companies can leverage their Coworking experience even more at TRIOS as we have introduced Force majeure clause to the service agreement. Force majeure provides reprieve to the client from liability or obligation from a contract under uncertain situations like Covid-19 pandemic.”

Pratik Potnis who has rich experience in technology finds newer ways to introduce technology in real estate. 

“TRIOS is introducing VR technology for office tours of clients. Clients can have office tour at a convenience of their home. This promotes physical distancing and fast decision making which is a necessity of today’s world.”

Coworking spaces are certainly going to add value to companies by giving them flexibility and their employees as the physical world is important. People like meeting, brainstorming and having conversations, it increases productivity and is important for overall health of a society.

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