Permanent Work From Home For 30% Tech Mahindra Employees; How Will This Happen?

Permanent Work From Home For 30% Tech Mahindra Employees; How Will This Happen?
Permanent Work From Home For 30% Tech Mahindra Employees; How Will This Happen?

One positive aspect came out from this pandemic scenario is the new normal that is work from home and it seems like more and more companies are settling with the model as now Tech Mahindra has also decided to join the race.

Permanent Work From Home For Tech Mahindra Employees

According to the Tech Mahindra CFO, Manoj Bhat, at least 25% to 30% of the company’s employees will be permanently working from home post the lockdown scenario. 

He said to Business Insider, “This will mean change in policies, change in our facilities, creating a new model to attract talent — all of those changes will come in,”.

Further, the IT major plans to implement this model within the next four quarters as Bhat said, “Maybe by March or June next year,”. 

Other IT Firms Making Work From Permanent

Apart from Tech Mahindra, there are other top tiers IT firms like Infosys which continues to think over whether work from home is here to stay. 

On the other side, companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has already announced its plans to make work from a home a permanent part of its operating model last quarter with the 25/25 model. 

While HCL Technologies has a 50/50 model shows its long-term vision for work from home but it’s not finalized yet.

What Does Tech Mahindra Say?

While explaining their  25% of 30% range work from home model adaptation, Mr Bhat said, “We did an analysis of what kind of work streams are involved, where are the areas where it is more amenable to work from over a long period of time without any potential risks,”.

According to him, this adaptation will have a mix of working from home and coming into the office for employees. 

He said, “We have picked up that continuously working from home, there is an element of becoming distant and not connected,”. 

On the other hand, TCS’s work from home 25/25 model mentions that only 25% of the employees will be in the office and employees will only spend 25% of their time in office and plans to implement it over the next 5 years. 

While in case of HCL Tech, they plan to have 50% of its employees work from home and only 50% in the office over the next 12-18 months and reassess from there.

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