TCS, Tech M, Capgemini Starts Calling Employees To Office; Work From Home Ends?

TCS, Tech M, Capgemini Starts Calling Employees To Office; Work From Home Ends?
TCS, Tech M, Capgemini Starts Calling Employees To Office; Work From Home Ends?

As per the reports, after a three-month long lockdown and work from home (WFH), suddenly IT companies have woken up to fears of security breach and are insisting employees to return to the city where their office is located.

How Did This Happen?

Basically, the companies are asking their employees to shift tasks to office-owned laptops or desktops, while they continue to operate from home. 

On the other hand, the employees gone back to their hometowns for safety and other reasons are seriously inconvenienced by the demand which they find utterly illogical as in the end, they will be continuing to work from home only.

It is noteworthy here that the companies are insisting on travel when the pandemic  is spiking and entering in the third phase of pandemic in the country, especially with Pune being the frontrunner of the outbreak. 

However, after getting multiple calls from their employers, the employees can no longer avoid the demand from major IT companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tech Mahindra and Capegemini.

How Does This Affect?

So far, the lockdown is in the starting phase of opening, but still guesthouses are closed.

Also, the shared accommodations are not available and most housemates have gone off to their native places.

On top of that, food messes are closed too and that comes to the last resort of cooking by yourself in your own rooms.

Ultimatix, people are going through multiple challenges in making the move which will impact their work as well as health drastically. 

Coming to those with families and kids do not savour the idea of exposing their kin to the risks of infection in cities with higher cases. 

In simple words, they see no reason to upset the present arrangement when it is not affecting their deliverables.

What Do Employees Say?

“They are telling us to return and switch to office systems over security concerns. But with COVID-19 cases rapidly rising, it will be too risky to travel. I live in Ganjam, a red zone, and there are restrictions on my movement, making the commute much more difficult,” said an employee of TCS Pune, who has been operating from her hometown in Odisha.

Another Tech Mahindra employee said, “My house contract expired in May and it seemed like a while before things would return to normal, so we moved back to Rajasthan for a few months, as I could WFH. But with my employers calling me back now, I will first have to house hunt, that too in a green zone. This will take at least another month.”

“I know my work can be done from home but the company wants me to go to office, putting my life at risk. I don’t see the point, when work happened smoothly these past months and can continue in the same manner,” said a Capegemini employee.

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